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Ive had my 300D for a few months now and ive taken some decent pictures using the built in flash but Ive also gotten burnt in some cases by the flash not being strong enough to light up the scene I was going for. I was trying to make up my mind about the Sigma 500 DG or the 550EX when my brother inlaw gave me his old 420. I know the 300D doesnt support FEC (without the wazia hack) but how does the 420 work with the stock 300D.. any downsides to using a 420 over a 500/550? All i have now is the single external flash and I dont see a need for a wiresless slave unit anytime soon. Anyone have any hints or tips on usage of the 420? I cant seem to find the 420 manual on Canon USA's website anymore.

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BrianRTS wrote:
I cant seem to find the 420 manual on Canon USA's website anymore.
Because it was never there in the 1st place...

Someone is nice enough to host it here: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...58&forum_id=53
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Mine does pretty good - drawback is you cannot use it Manually. I suggest that you buy something like a LumiQuest mini softbox if you are doing any kind of closeup pix of people - that way it doesn't blow out the faces. I also bought a Metz 54- AF1C & like it pretty much, but still learning it. You can use it in TTL, E-TTL, Manual or Manual Lo.

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I use a 420EX with a 20D and it works fine, tho' it lacks the manual settings available with the 550 and 580.

I'd suggest you consider "dragging the shutter" to improve your flash pictures. Set the camera to the manual ("M") mode and set the shutter speed to about 1/125 and shoot. Ignore the apature setting... the flash will take care of it for you.
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Well ... don't "ignore" the aperature setting, but set it for the DOF you want. Also it comes into play for setting the background (ambient) exposure.

I agree with setting the camera in M though for flash. Then set the Iso, aperature and shutterspeed to get the DOF and background exposure that you want.

For example, ina big room if you use a low ISO and high shutterspeed the backgroundcould lookvery dark while the flash correctly exposes the subject. To correct this you can pump up the ISO and go with a wider aperature/slower shutterspeed.

ETTL-II meters to adjust the flash so that theSUBJECT is exposed properly (not the background). Use the cameras light meter as a guide to tell how well the background will be exposed for the Av, Tv and ISO settings you have chosen.


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