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Its that time of year again, my birthday. Since im enjoying my 300d/Rebel so much ive decieded to spend about ~$500 on accessories (not lens).

Can anyone suggest things that they've used, or have been watching which would work well.

What i have in mind.

58mm UV and Polorizing Filter - any particular brands better than others???
Canon EP-EX15 eyepiece extender
Canon BG-E1 Battery Grip
Canon 420EX Flash
Lowepro Micro Trecker 100 - after a small backpack, open to suggestions.
Generic BP511 Battery - only $20, Canon charges over $100.

Anything im missing or should stay away from?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Old Apr 28, 2005, 2:17 PM   #2
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Hoya for filters, buy one or two extra battery (12.00- 24.00)and avoy expend in battery grip (150.00 or more) I have 3 battery and never had to use the 3er one.

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Your list looks pretty good! Maybe get more CF cards as well ?

Instead of the Canon 420EX Flash consider the Sigma 500DG Super, about the same price as the 420ex but with the power and features of the 550ex.

Ya, I tend to prefer HOYA ultra's or B+W glassfilters, or Cokin resin though the Cokinare more for oddball effects.

We have different cameras, but I use the external battery grip most of the time. I find with the grip the camera is more comfortableto hold. It also adds the vertical shutter release and controls which make for easier verticals.

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I agree with PeterP the Battery Grip is a good choice, it does make the camera feel big though still it's great for portrait work.

If you think you might do some studio work then get a safesync hotshoe adapter also. I haven't got one yet I use an ordinary adapter, no problems so far. Better to be safe than sorry though.

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i second the extra CF cards... if you are/will be doing alot of shooting in RAW, you can never have enough!!..

i also second the 500dg super flash... which works as both a wireless host and slave.. whereas the 420ex only slave..

hoya filters for sure.. love the multicoated versions...

for the backpack.. maybe check out something just a tiny bit bigger, just in case your equipment continues to grow... maybe the micro trekker 200, or the mini trekker AW (weatherproof).. both are still quite compact, and will offer more room for your equip to grow..

happy b-day... dustin
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