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I bought a 20D back in November and was "underwhelmed" by the pictures I was taking with my EF-S 17-85IS lens till a month or so ago. I'll admit that the winter in the Pacific Northwest isn't great for photograpy. The quality of my pictures started to improve with increased sunlight.

I recently bought an EF 70-200 F/4L and noticed the quality of the pictures taken with it has improved with time. The time to get better pictures has been dramatically reduced this time.

Don't know whether it's practice, better light or just more experience.

Has anybody else noticed better pictures after a couple of thousand exposures, or is it just me?
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you know what they say "practice makes perfect".. or at least better.. a perfect photographer... idunno bout that..

we are all learning with each and every picture... and i dare say that we allwill always have something to learn and improvements to make.. and for me at least, that is alot of the enjoyment that i get out of photography..

so keep shooting and improving, and have fun doing it...:-)

cheers, dustin
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Don't know whether it's practice, better light or just more experience.

To simply answer your question, Yes.

Keep shooting and have fun!
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I have had my 20D for about five weeks. When I first got it I thought there might be something wrong with it.

What was wrong was me. I have a long way to go but the pictures I take now are much improved. I do not have expensive lenes so I am sure that makes a difference too becauseI do much better in well lit situations.

Going from point and shoot to DSLR I was expecting to pick the camera up and start shooting great shots. Now that I am learning more I can see the improved quality in the DSLR over the P&S and I am glad I made the investment.
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There are two ways to take better pictures.

One is to go out and take pictures. Lots of them - but do it with intent. Pick subjects or ideas and go with those (you can take other things to, but "focus" on those.)

The other is to look at lots of pictures and really think about what is good and bad about them. How you would take them. Really analyse them.

It is amazing how much better you will get by doing those things.

But you are right, better light helps a lot. A good picture is made better by good light. Heck, an OK picture can be made good just by having the right light.

I'm sure you got better as time went on. It's only natural. The hard part is when you've learned/mastered the easy parts and then you have a much harder hill to climb to get better. It's worth it, your quality will be much higher, but it's a tough climb.

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