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Basically my pictures are shot in a 350D, but I need
to print them on a standard photo paper and send to my
friends. I was aware that the 350D uses aspect ratio of
3/2 but photographs use 4/3.

What may I do or what may I ask the photo developping
shops to do? :?:

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Images must be cropped prior to printing. If you do nothing and use a facility for producing your prints, they will USUALLY do a 'center crop' - so you end up losing part of the image to the right and left. For most point-and-shooters this is not much of an issue. And for you it might not be. If, however you have tightly framed your picture when taking it then you may want to do the cropping yourself using post-processing software (Photoshop Elements, etc.) - that way you can be sure you get the cropping you want.
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A 35mm camera produces an image on the slide or negative that is 24mm by 36mm; this is a ratio of 2/3 (divide both sides by 12). This fits perfectly on a 4 inch by 6 inch print (divide both sides by 2 to get 2/3). For 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 inch prints, the photograhy shop must discard edges of the image to fill the print. It is exactly the same for digital images from the 350D.
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The online stores (such as www.snapfish.com, www.winkflash.com, and others) and the retail outlets with those "photo kiosks" (where you put a CD-ROM or other memory device into a touch-screen computer, choose the photos and set them to print) have tools that let you crop the photos yourself for the correct aspect ratio.
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If there's a Costco in your area - Try it with the 'Customers Terminal"!

You'll probably get the best price, plus enlargement to 12"x18" for just $2.99
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Thank you for your replies.
So normal photo printing uses 3/2 so DSLR pictures can be
zoomed and fit, but PnS cameras will be cropped.
That fits my purpose.

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Just as an aside, I recently purchased a Canon Selphy CP600 printer (dye sublimation) for making 4x6 proofs and have been really impressed with the results. This is a new printer from Canon that also uses the same Digic II processor that the 350D and 20D uses.

As long as you purchase the 108 print media kits (instead of the 36 print kits) the cost per print is $0.32 US (very reasonable). If you buy the 36 pint kits the cost jumps to $0.53 US each which is unreasonable.

The lifespan of the dye sub prints is 100 years, and each print has a clear plastic coating on top, so they arewell protected. The printer is incredibly easy to use, and after printing close to 100 prints, every one so far has been flawless (excellent color, sharp/clear prints). Myfirst choice for a printer would be the Kodak Professional 1400, but the price was a bit beyond my reach.

If you go to an outside lab for prints, find one that will print with automatic corrections/adjustments turned off. If you don't, then a lot of the tweaking you do in PS will just go to waste because the minilab will adjust the density and color towhat their equipment wants anyway. I found a great pro lab in Vancouver B.C. called "thelab" that will work with you to get the results you want ( www.thelabvancouver.com ). I will be using them for any prints that I need greater than 4x6 proof size.

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