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Hi guys I know there are lot of discussion going around regarding the best set of lenses for digital SLR.

But to make things simple and straight forward for amature users like me, I would like to add a good tele zoom lens to the standard 350D's lens (18-55mm)
Could u guys let me know which is the best and affordable lens to shoot telephotos. I cannot afford the IS type of lenses since they are very costly.

thank you in advance.

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I know you want to keep this simple, but there are 3 questions you need to answer before people can give you a good recommendation.

1. What do you want to use the lense for (yes I know telephoto but more specific) - shooting indoor basketball will get you a different answer than shooting small birds vs just a general "I want more reach but don't plan on shooting anything in particular".

2.What is your budget - be realistic here. I'm a firm believer in buying the best possible lense you can afford - I don't buy into the 'buy the $200 lense until you learn how to use it then buy the $600 lense later' - lenses aren't like the camera body - with the exception of some high-end models there isn't a lot that's different in how you use a cheap lense vs a better lense. But not everyone nees a $1400 lense either - so let us know what budget you're dealing with and people can give you some better options.

3. What focal range do you need to reach to? This will largely be driven by your answer to question 1 - if you want to shoot small birds for instance you'll need a very 'long' lense.

Sorry to make this 'not easy' but I'm going to anyway :blah:
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Ok... I just went through this. JohnG (Home of the Goodyear Blimps) is right.
But it isn't as confusing as it seems. First hang out at the: Canon Lensesforum.
Get an idea of what's what. Someone has asked the questions you need the
answers to. You just don't know the questions yet. Think about how much and then what you're going to do.Then check out the sites below. After you think you know
about what lens you want ask about it in the Canon Lensesforum. Ask about
where to buy also. Price isn't everything if it's going to be in your camera bag for ten years. I know you want to know what I did... OK... But this isn't advice. I was
keeping myself on a tight budget; however I am happy with the Sigma 70-300 APO
Super II Lens... So far... Please look around at others that may do better for your needs.

Good Luck

Canon website



For prices... Jam it into EBay for an idea.

Or go to an online store like






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Thanks a lot for the quick reply by JohnG and Dale.

To answer your 3 questions john,
1) yes I need it more for outdoor photography like shooting birds and wildlife.
2) My budget max range is 400-500£ ($650).

Dale thanks for the links you have provided. I wish i knew them before. Any way i am going through all the links in detail to choose the best lens. I will be back to you guys once i go thru them.
Bye for now,

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Hi guys I am sorry to post the msg regarding the lenses here but since i have started it here by error i am continuing it.

Now regarding my telezoom lenses for my rebel XT i have shortlisted canon 70-200 F4L. for my needs.
Since i would be shooting outdoors most of the time i feel F4 is more than enough than F2.8.

Now my question to u guys is can u mention any other lenses which is in close competition as Canon 70-200mm F4L.
Also I am planning to buy a macro lens. so I was wondering if Sigma 70-300mm APO Macro Super II would serve my both needs?

I would request u experienced guys to guide me in getting a good lense without spending a fortune.please let me know if u guys have any other lense in mind.

Thanks in advance

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The link will take you to some photos that I shot this last weekend. It was with Canon 70-200F4.


I do not know about the sigma lens.
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Hi Pradeep,

I have a 350d and use a Sigma 70-220 f2.8 expo lens with very good results, this lens is highly recommended.I have recently purchased a Tamron 28-75 F2.8 and am more than happy with results.These two lenses are half the price of the Canon equivalents.



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the canon 70-200 f/4 is a great lens, but another option would be the sigma 70-200 f/2.8 with a 1.4x teleconverter added on you would still be at f/4 but have the extra reach of the teleconverter,on a digital rebel would about 157-448mm. pretty good for wildlife photography. And you should be able to get both the lens and the teleconverter for about the same price and the canon lens alone. Even without the teleconverter you have the same focal length but the added benefit of the faster lens. I am all for get the canon L series lenses when one can afford them, but being on a tight budget myself I boughta sigma 70-200 f/2.8, 35-70 f/2.8 and the 17-35mm f2.8-4 lenes for the price of the canon 70-200 f2.8L IS. it was an easychoice for my checkbook.
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i am in agreement.. check out the sigma 70-200 2.8 ex dg hsm.. its simply a great value.. it offers L-series sharpness and contrast and AF speed (hsm=usm) for a fraction of the price... no brainer.. also, if you haven't why don't you check out the sigma 100-300 F4.0 ex hsm.. simply might be the best lens sigma makes right now.. and its only 100USD more than the 70-200 and not much bigger..

just a few more options to look into..

best regards, dustin

p.s. Caboose - nice lens selection
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Pradeep wrote:
so I was wondering if Sigma 70-300mm APO Macro Super II would serve my both needs?

Yes it surely would. It's a fine all-rounder, and it has a 1:2 macro feature, which is a lot better than most zooms that have the "macro" label.

It's also nicely inside your budget:


has it available for only £159.99
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