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:-) Sorry missed this posting a while back.

Several reasons actually, some not so nice :blah:
One is that file submission size required by some of the places I try to submit to seems to keep pace with about the highest size currently available from fullframe sensored cameras. Now while I fully expect the aps-c sensors to catch up soon, the fullframes should make another jump forward and the mininum bar will be set higher again. If all my lenses are capable of using a fullframe sensored camera, I figure this is a good way to cut out a lot of the competition. Even though I don't believe the minimum restriction should be valid any more with the output todays cameras are capabable of.

For me, I also still shoot a lot of film (UgH :roll both by requirement, and at least for this summer by logistics. I expect to be out for a paddle during August with no power available for recharges, and right now I am starting to think the film bodies will be comming instead of the digital, or a dozen or more expensive batteries.
So when I look for lenses I need something that will do both the 35mm and aps-c sized small formats.

But for most people my restrictions would not apply, so the EF-s line should be just great for them.


peripatetic wrote:
That's a bit cryptic! Go on tell us, please. :-)
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