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There are a few adjustments required when moving from film to digital.

A good resource for most of the stuff you'll need to know is:


The single most obvious thing to keep in mind is the focal length multiplier. Because the non-pro Canons have a sensor that is smaller than 35mm film, you need to multiply the focal length of your existing lenses by 1.6 to map to the field-of-view you are used to.

So your 28mm lens will have the same field-of-view as a 45mm lens would have when used on a film camera.

This may well mean you end up with no truly wide angle lenses (from those you currently own)on the 10D - you may feel fairly restricted by this. It's one reason to possibly go for the XT rather than the 10D. The XT can take the EF-S lenses - the 18-55mm kit lens in particular gives you a very affordable wide angle option for the 1.6 crop.

With the 10D you're effectively limited to the 17-40L or the 16-35L, both great lenses but very expensive. If you already have one of those then the 10D is ideal, if you only have a 28mm as your current wide-angle then perhaps you should pause for thought before going for the 10D.

The advantage of the 1.6 multiplier of course comes at the telephoto end, your telephoto lenses get a nice boost for free.
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Hi again Dustin,:bye:

You must be a mind-reader as my next question was going to be about flash. I try not to use it but like most of us, I suppose, there are times when it is essential or just useful. I had hoped my 430 might be compatible but you can't win 'em all....................

I had looked up the 550ex and shuddered at the price but I'll see what sort of dealI can get on the Sigma 500 super. Checking it out, it looks like exactlywhat I need.


Thanks again for the advice - finding this site and getting the advise coming from people like you and Greg and everyone else really has saved me a small fortune and will probably mean I can upgrade without shackling myself with massive debt.

Thanks everyone

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Hi Jane,

glad i could be of some help.. just had one more piece of advice for your flash.. if you are never, now or future, going to use the wireless capabilities of your flash.. you can always save another 60-70 dollars by getting the non-super version of the sigma 500 flash.. so it would be the 500 DG ST.. it has the same guide number (power) as the super without the wireless capabilities and mb a couple other features.. just an option if you don't need that much sophistication in your flash..

also, as peripatetic pointed out, you will lose some wide-angle capabilities when you switch to digital.. its true the 10d doesnt accept the ef-s mount.. but it is fully capable with sigma's wide angle lenses.. in the future when finances permit.. and i know all about this, as i am also in grad school.. sigma makes a 12-24 and a 17-35 wide angle lens.. both are excellent and will save you more of your precious stipendmoney

best regards, dustin
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