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Another option is look for seldom used 10D or a new 300D. The 300D is bigger than the 350D and the 10D is the same build quilty as the 20D. The 10D is also a little bigger than the 20D.

The money you would save going for a used 10D or a NEW 300D you can get a nice lens or two.

I have the 300D with the Firmware Hack, But I have not needed to use the 3200 ISO yet.

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I've got 'em both--that is my wife and I share the two cameras. What I advise anyone, other than a professional with specific needs, to do is buy the cheapest body you can get by with. The difference in the image potential of the most expensive and least expensive DSLRs is far less than the difference in the skills of their users. DSLR technology has not hit a plateau. If anything, the rate of new technology development has accelerated since the introduction of the 300D aka Digital Rebel. The success of that camera surprised everyone including Canon. As a result, Nikon rushed the D70 into production, and both Olympus and Pentax introduced less expensive versions of their DSLRs. Canon fired back with the 350D--easily the most impressive DSLR made by anyone to date, when you take price into consideration.

What Canon has accomplished since September 2003 is nothing, I believe, compared to what that company will do over the next two or three years. Any DSLR bodyyou buy now is going to be pitifully obsolete in three years, maybe less. On the other hand, lenses live on. A 1998 vintage EF lens is as current and useful today as when it was made.

If you are so good that the difference in features between the 350D and 20D will make a noticable difference in your photography, then you should be using a 1DsII already--and by the way, stop wasting time on this forum and go make some big money with your camera!

Seriously, though, if the 350D had been available when we bought the 20D, then that would have an easy 350D decision. The size may be an issue with the 350D, although I think that gripe has been exaggerated. The 350D is bigger than many high quality cameras. However, I did notice that it was a little light when used on a tripod with the Canon 100-400. Even though I use the tripod collar on the lens, the camera-lens combo tended to nose down under the weight of the 100-400 at 400mm. The battery grip fixed that minor problem nicely, and in addition gave me a place for my little finger and the ability to run on two batteries plus arguably the most comfortable vertical handling camera I've ever used. As a matter of fact, the 350D with the BG and 17-85mm IS lens is a real crowd gatherer at the photo clubs I belong to. Everyone wants to handle it...after which they comment about how good and solid it feels. The Nikon people are having flipouts, especially the Nikon D100 users.

Buy a BG and save the rest. Or buy a 580EX flash to make the most of ETTL-II. Or make a down payment on a 600mm F4L.

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thanks a lot for ur valuable sugesstions.
I have decided to continute with rebel XT.

I bought a new 70-200 /f4 Canon L lens and already got some extraordinary ( EXTRA - atleast for me) results with it and XT combo.

U are 100% right about "staying with XT and upgrade to some thing better that 20d later".

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I had a look at the 350D when it first came in and there is no way I would upgrade to it from my 300D, I have the battery grip on my 300D and to me that feels just right, The 300D is big enough and steady enough with the battery grip to shoot handheld shots with a long lens unlike the 350D which does not have the feel of a DRSL at all. To top it off apart from a few extras it holds nothing much to upgrade for. The 20D would be my next choice but Im willing to wait until the next model comes out. There is no way Id upgrade to anything as small as the 350D though.
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The size and feel of a camera is very important. If it does not feel right for you, it may be negative for the photography you undertake.

For me, the 20D has a better feel. However, the real difference is in the overall ergonomics and control. The 20D relies less on the menu for changes, and any changes can be made swiftly and more intuitively - at least that is how I feel.

But I would ask - is the 350D inhibiting your photography? If not, stick with it. It's about the photography after all.
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