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I am interested if anyone knows why Canon has two different RAW conversion options in its software package? The have the Canon Raw Image Task and DPP. Without involving the other available convertors, of which I have a few, I am curious as to why Canon provided two, and which if any is preferred.

Does Canon have a preference of one over the other? Which is preferred by users on this forum.

I also haveRAW Shooter Essentials and Adobe Camera Raw 3.1 in Elements 3.0. I still haven't decided which I will use on a consistent basis. I am tending to gravitate toward RSE; however, I'm still evaluating. I can't for the life of me figure out Canon's decision to include two competing programs. Unless, I am missing something.
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It is quite possible that they both use the same raw conversion code. Have you tested it? Are the outputs with the same settings (on the same picture) different?

I haven't tried RAW Shooter Essentials, but I personally prefer PhotoShop CS. It doesn't have the best RAW converter last time I tested, but the ease of loading the file and editing makes it easy to use. It is also the fastest and that matters to me (I have better ways of spending my time than waiting for a RAW to convert.)

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DPP is a new program, which Canon began shipping with the 20D. The other was already on their standard software bundle disk, so I imagine that is why you get two programs.

I've used RSE for a while. It has lots of tools and capabilities, however, I keep going back to DPP when I get serious about getting the job done. I don't know how long RSE will remain free, but when it goes up for sale, I would hope for some camera/ISO profiles,like those provided for Noise Ninja. I have spent way too many hours tinkering and comparing the effects of Noise Suppression and Color Noise Suppression, etc. It is a powerful and impressive program. The things that keep me going back and forth on the two:

RSE seems to retain shadow detail better without lowering the contrast levels overall. It also provides a live preview of the effects you are applying.

DPP has the most halo-free sharpening I've seen, presumably because Canon knows the precise effect of its anti-aliasing screen and how best to reverse its effect on sharpness. It also provides for cropping and then resizing the final image upon conversion, which seems to work better than a similar action carried out later in Photoshop 7.

BTW, be sure you have the latest version of DPP. It is available for download from Canon--and it works equally well with the cameras that did not ship with DPP, like the 300D and 10D.
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