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I went shooting osprey last weekend (which was fun, but hard) and while going through my images I realized that I was missing around 50 pictures.

Since I use lexar cards, I broke out the image rescue software that came with my lexar cards and recovered the images that were on one of my 3 cards.

Now, realize that I only shoot in RAW.

The images recovered were a few from that weekend, and a whole set of shots from 6/2/2005.

And the image recovery software recovered them all... and they are TIFFs. And they are valid TIFFs, I viewed them with photoshop.

So either image recovery (the Lexar recovery software) interpreted the RAW files into TIFFs, or maybe Canon's RAW format (for the 20D) is close to the TIFF format?

I don't get it, but I thought it was odd enough that others might find it interesting. We can be an inquisitive bunch.

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Eric: this is a know problem with the new Canon DSLR's and fast Lexar cards

Affected Products (D-SLR):
EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS 20D, EOS Digital Rebel XT / EOS 350D Digital / EOS Kiss Digital N

Affected Products (CF card):
Some Lexar Professional 80x-speed Compact Flash cards [Lexar-made)

The fix is a firwmare update for the Lexar card

Hope this link works to the Canon Canada FAQ's it is article no:26

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I do have one of those lexar cards 1G 80x second generation cards. So I will be returning it (I have two other cards, so I can still shoot.)

My understanding is that if you view images while the buffer is still flushing it will loose all the images in the buffer.

I lost 50 consecutive images, which I don't believe could be caused by this problem (unless I prevered every time for all those 50 images.... unlikely.)

I'll check out that link, though, and make sure my understanding of the problem is right.
<quick break to read that link>

Interesting. The problem as it appears on the 1D MkII & 1Ds MkII is as I describe it. But there is a second problem, which effects all Canon DSLRs that they don't describe in as much detail and will cause you trouble. It says that it will "corrupt" the images, but in my case they just aren't there. Maybe it is that, maybe not. But I'm hoping I can find them somewhere using image recovery software. We'll see. I now have 400 images to go though....

Thanks for the tip & poke to read it more closely.


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