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I'm looking to upgrade to a DSLR from my G5. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Olympus E-1 and the 20D and the features for the 20D are very appealing but I haven't seen anything about its weather-resistance. What have been some of your experiences with this?
Just yesterday i was shooting in a heavy rainstorm and trying (poorly) to cover up my G5, which is one reason the splash resistance of the E-1 is appealing. So any help from the forum would be greatly appreciated.
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There is a big difference between 'splash resistance' and completely sealed. I would not recommend using either of the cameras you mentioned in heavy rain without a protective covering. As for specifics, I can't speak to the other camera but the 20d does not have the sealing that the Mk1 does. I own one, but I have no plans to test just how water resistant it really is.
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John- I shoot horse shows in Michigan. Dust/dirt/rain are all part of the environment. Use some common sense and you should be just fine. Dust on the lens can be blown off - use canned air NOT your breath!

Raindrops are another matter. Large drops on the lensare going to mess up your shots - so don't shoot in the rain ! I carry a small trash bag in my back pocket and holding the camera in one hand - pull the bag over camera and your arm. Rains stops - put bag back in pocket. A few or even several drops on the camera have given me no problems - just use common sense.
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Johng and Setiprime are right the prosumer versions of the DSLR's like the 20D are not weather sealed like the pro 1D series. But neither are most of the lenses. (some of the L series are weather sealed) I still would not want to use them in a downpour unprotected.

I made a rain cover form the pants of a cheap vinyl rain suit cut in half throught the crotch. The lens goes in one leg and the elastic at the end holds it to the lens hood, the other end covers your camera and your head if needed. Works well, you can also buy these commercially made :-).

I also keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe things off if needed.

And Yup, I too keep a trash bag or 2 with me, in an emergency they can save you a lot of grief.

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Setiprime, I believe they recommend against using canned air. The reason is that it is often cooled and can cooled the sensor to the point of increasing the chance of condensation. I don't know how real this is or not, but I just use a blower ball that one uses on lenses... works great.

The 20D will not work well in a heavy rainstorm. Heck, it won't work well in any rain storm. I've shot with a plastic bag over my 20D and a small torn hole for the eyepiece. Not great, but it works.

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I usualy get a rubber band and a wal-mart bad and cut a hole for my lens....sucure it with rubber bands and put my head in the bag. I've shot football games in the rain and haven't had a problem with my 20D...even if I had a E-1 or Eos-1d. I still would do the bag thing....just because it says splash proof it isn't a garuntee. Also clear rain coats found at wal-mart for less than a dollar work Great.. I usually carry one with me in my camera bag

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There is a company call FotoSharp that offers a pretty nice rain cover for less than $30.00 they have two sizes and 10" and 15" version. and TTL flash will work through them and you can also see your camera controls through them. they can be ordered on line and fotosharp.com.
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Thanks for the link.
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