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bob1xxx Jun 15, 2005 2:01 PM

Ok I going to breakdown and finally get a digital slr more than likely a rebel xt or maybe a orginal rebal 300d but ethier way I think the stock canon kit lens would be a photo quality drag on what otherwise are two great cameras. I used a for years a great old canon A1 slr with a great vititar f2.8 28-90 zoom lens taking 98% of my pictures with this combo with very decent results. The A-1, 28-90zoom and a trusty vititar 5200 w/canon mod on it made a excellent vacation slr travel kit. Im trying to dupilcate that vacation travel kit experance in the DSLR world ,yes I know both those lens are dslr only , what Im look for is a good photo quality and flexablity? so which is the better lens the tamron also has too much zoom but has a nicer price , and the canon although more costly has the nice image stablition feature with for better low light results? Ok please post away, If you got constuctive comments on these lens or other lens options that would fit nice in my travel kit please post those sugguestion too. Thanx Bob S.

ChrisDM Jun 15, 2005 2:23 PM

Bob - If you were previously satisfied with the 28-90mm range, then the 17-85IS is definitely worth the extra money. I own it, and have sold a Sigma 18-200 (very similar to the Tamron) because the images didn't match up. Also, the IS feature is REALLY nice if you don't like tripods, like me, or like to shoot evenings, like me. Here's a shot I wouldn't have gotten without the IS (or a tripod). The "sftness was a result of too much noise reduction. It gave the water a "dreamy" look, so I decided to keep it this way. I believe the shutter speed was 1/6 second, handheld!:

Hards80 Jun 15, 2005 3:06 PM

you will get much better images with the 17-85 IS... generally as the zoom range increases ie. 5x vs 10x image quality degrades.. plus the autofocus speed is considerably faster for the 17-85 IS USM..

bob1xxx Jun 16, 2005 3:35 AM

ok thank you for the replies and thanx chris dm for the photo thats helpful. I just mulling over my options , I know sigma makes a 18-125 digital how good or bad is it? And has anyone out there had first hand experance with the new tamron 18-200? Yes I love the canon 17-85is zoom I got a chance to play around with one on a canon xt at samys cameras fairfax store and Im in love with the combo but it saddly abit over priced for me when I throw in a new flash to go with it (I'd probelly have to sell some of my stock options to make it).Im love to hear some other lens suggestions if the fit in my vacation camera kit well? Like the canon 17-85is lens but the 550.00+ price tag a bit scarry LOL. Hey thanks and keep post ideas :|

NHL Jun 16, 2005 6:07 AM

bob1xxx wrote:

I know sigma makes a 18-125 digital how good or bad is it? And has anyone out there had first hand experance with the new tamron 18-200?


mgipe Jun 16, 2005 12:27 PM

I will add my vote for the 17-85mm IS as your first lens. The lens is a good performer, and the IS is a significant advantage. I was just looking over some shots I took at my daughter's band concert, held in the high school gym. I was using my Rebel XT with the 17-85. The shots were all taken between 1/20 and 1/60, f5.6, from 25 to 85 mm focal length, at ISO 1600. Except for the noise from the high ISO setting, they look good. The person next to me in the stands with a Nikon D70 and a Sigma 70-300 took about a hundred shots. I spoke with her yesterday, and she got zero usable photos out of it. She asked me if I would mind sharing my pictures with her. (The experience convinced me to plunk down the cash for the Canon 70-300 DO IS lens this week! Ouch, but I'm ready for the next concert.)

Canon has a kit with the Rebel XT and 17-85mm lens that will save you a $100 or so.


bob1xxx Jun 16, 2005 1:31 PM

hey thanx mgipe for the post alot of useful information , it nice to see the sigma 18-125 shoots nice shots like that. My first choice for my dslr is the canon rebel xt and the sigma lens would help get reach that goal. BTW anyone else with constructive Ideas and suggestions or links to other useful sites like NHL gave are welcome Bob S:cool:

bob1xxx Jul 3, 2005 11:37 PM

hey thanx guys I got great price on a used silver canon rebel xt body in excellent shape from a guy who upgrading to a 20d off of ebay LOL. The lens Ive got is sigma 18-125mm Ive been messying around and Ive shot about 150 pictures. Over all therebel xt's photo quality isgreatand eventhe qualityof someunder exposed indoor picture I took a brithday party are mind blowing (becausepictures areeasy salvage with 20secs of photo shop work and dont looklike grain crap likepictures my oldc 5050 crank out like clock work). Its really amazinghow real noticable photo quality difference that the large dslr cmos sensor gives, even the 800iso shots are very usable and the sigma lens is great. Now the sigma super dg flash and a little more memory and I ready for washington dc trip:cool:

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