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Using circular polarizer - doesn't seem to make any difference when I use the filter or not. Is there some setting in the camera that I may be overlooking? I have a Canon 20D and even used a Hoya MC polarizer. I turned the filter to obtained the darkest quality the filter offers and I still get the same images whether it is on the lens or not. Thanks to all who may be able to offer advice or how to correct this problem.cular Pol
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The polarizer is only most effective when the sun is at certain angle: www.offrench.net/photos/articles/polarizing_filter.php

... Also the effect is more visible with a brighter lens - slower lenstend to darken the viewfinder and makes the effect less noticeable
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try taking a shot into a store window - at about a 30 degree angle or so -*now rotate the filer while looking through that window - you'll see a dramatic change in the glare off the windowalso - try photographing a car, a shiny car, rotate the polarizing filter and again you'll see fairly dramatic changes in reflections/glare off the paint of the caras mentioned, for "sky darkening" it works best at certain angles into the skymorelaterthe show doctor
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I want to buy a 62mm circular polarizer for my Sigma 18-125. It looks like I have 2 choice in thickness. I am assuming I need the thinner wide-angle version for this lens?
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For the 20d with the 17-85 IS Lens, do you need a circular polarizer or would a normal (non circular) work just as good?

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You can't use a linear type polarizing filter on an SLRcamera with autofocus. So, for your 20D you MUST select a circular polarizing type.


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