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hi and happy fathers day to everyone! im getting my rebel xt in 2 weeks and would like to ask some suggestions on the necessary items i should include during my purchase. i am a novice and would like to explore the camera's functions slowly, systematically and surely. i intend to use it for macro, portraits, products, travel. sports is also on my list but i understand lenses for fast moving activities are expensive.

1)since im getting the lens kit, a friend suggested that i also get a 50mm f1.8 lens. are there other lens to consider?

2)is 512mb memory enough for the meantime?

3)how about flash units? battery grips, etc?

4)im joining some workshops also but are there good books out there?

5)any other suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated

ill keep you all posted on my progress.

thank you very much for your replies!

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Welcome to the forum. Here are some suggestions from my experience (although everyone's is different):

1. My personal advice is to just stick with a single lense for a while. Find out given YOUR common shooting where the kit lense falls short. Then you can buy the next lense that's right for you. The 50mm 1.8 is a great and inexpensive lense but I still stick by my advice that you use just one lense for a couple months so you don't end up with a lense that just sits unused in your bag.

2. 512mb card is not enough - you will want at least 1mb and most likely 2mb worth of cards - memory is fairly cheap. I also suggest you get a good, fast card as it can make a significant difference with a DSLR (doesn't matter as much with a digicam). I will suggest the Sandisk Ultra II. Lexar is currently having problems with their 80x card and Canon dslrs. Sandisk has a higher end card but it's unlikely most people would notice the difference in speed. I just bought another Ultra II 1gb card for $85.

3. Flash unit. I find this an essential part of my gear. But, I had done some SLR work before buying a DSLR. External flashes on a DSLR are great but a little trickier to use than a flash on a point-and-shoot. My advice is to spend again a couple months learning your camera and understanding exposure and all the camera functions before introducing the complication of an external flash. Too much, too soon and you end up frustrated.

3b. Battery grip - Some people like the battery grip for balance - especially with longer lenses but it is not essential. The battery life on the XT is very good by all accounts (I've had both a 300d and 20d and on each easily took over 300 pictures in a day without running out of battery life). So, from that aspect it is not essential.

4. For books I suggest going to the library. You don't specifically need a book on digital photography - 95% of the concepts of film still apply. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc all still apply. Photography is still about capturing light and exposing it properly - so learn how the three elements above work to that end.

5. Practice, practice, practice and have fun.

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thank you very much john! cant wait!
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