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hi all,

im just a hobbyist using a point and shoot now (noisy beyond iso100).
i'd like to see some comparison of iso 400 and iso 800 images of Canon D30 and Rebel XT.

im contemplating on buying a new Rebel XT (350D) but have been thinking of just buying a Canon D30 (cheap!) if the Rebel XT's iso800/400 images are just as clean as the ones from a D30.

most shots will be portraits indoors / low-light (thus iso800 or 400) and only using available light (thinking 50mm F1.8 and other fast lenses).

hope to see some links to iso800 and iso400 images of D30 and 350D . thanks!

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There's no need to even view such pictures. The D30, at 3 megapixels and, at this point, very inferior technology, will be well below the image quality level of the 350D at higher ISO ratings. That's not even considering the fact the resulting file size of the D30 will be pretty limiting as far as the amount you can enlarge it or, maybe more importantly, in any possible cropping of the final image after the fact. A friend of mine has a D60, the next step after the D30, with an improved to 6MP sensor, but at ISO 800 is already much worse than either my 10D or my Digital Rebel at that same rating. To be honest, if you're looking for cheap(er) and good high ISO performance you'd do much better looking at a used Digital Rebel on the cheap side, or used 10D on the slightly higher level. I would definitely prefer a nice, clean 10D to a new Rebel 350D.
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