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Hi I just got a new rebel XT today with the kit lens that has an aperture value of 3.5-5.6, but when i was in "Av" mode it let me change the aperture setting all the way to 22, but when Im in auto mode it just goes from 3.5-5.6, why is my cam letting me go all the way to 22, when the lens itself is limited to 3.5-5.6?
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The 3.5 - 5.6 is the largest available aperature, f/3.5 at wide-angle and f5.6 at full zoom. f/22 is the smallest available aperature (least light allowed through). The reason the largest aperature is listed is b/c it's the one most people care about. The larger the aperature, the "faster" the lens, so it allows for more versatile use, especially in low light or for action scenes.

The auto mode simply selects the aperature it thinks best to properly expose a picture and usually, unless it's very bright out, an aperature below f/8 is pretty good.
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