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Ok, here is a multi-part question. its really long, and im really sorry, but i really need help, so if you make it all the way through and offer an educated suggestion, i will love ya forever!

I am in the market for a new college football lens. I have really only shot basketball in the past. A majority of the games will be during daylight hours, with only a couple under the lights. 2 bodies are canon 350 and a 20D. In my bag, I already have a 70-200mm f/2.8L (no IS) and several other smaller lenses.

Question 1: which lens would best suit as far as AF, sharpness, etc.? Also, trying to stay under $1400 for lens.
a. Canon 400mm f/5.6L - a prime and would give the sharpest shots. problem is, its not versatile. Can you get good results with 1.4x TC (see question 2)?
b. Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS - a lot more versatile, but I'm sure there is a loss of sharpness at the 400mm mark. Question is, how much? and is the added versatility worth it? Also, same as before, what are results like with the 1.4x TC (once again, see question 2)
c. Sigma APO 100-300mm f4 EX - Slightly less zoom, but has gotten good reviews but right now, ALL i own are canon lenses. Once again, how does it perform with the 1.4x TC
d. Any Other Suggestions?

Question 2: Teleconverters
a. Canon - pricey, but is it THAT much better? and compatible lenses limited
b. Sigma - cheaper, but lens compatibility is about the same as the canon. question is, is the quality the same as the canon. i have seen mixed results.
c. Kenko - cheaper, and seems to be a lot more compatible with more lenses, but is it on par with the canon or sigma?
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Here's a few considerations:

- See if you can borrow a lens. You might want to confirm the focal length you will need before you spend the big bucks.

- For night games, you might need a really fast F2.8 lens (major $'s.) Maybe go with a long fast fixed length lens and use your second body and the 200mm zoomslens for closer up action. Most pro's have two bodies around their necks with a longer and shorter zoom. They grab for each camera depending if the action is closer or farther away.

- Maybe buy used. You don't strike me as making cash off these shots so why buy new?

- Light is probably going to be an issue. Forget the converters.

-- Terry

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