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Apparently, it is safe to save RAW files in DPP. In fact you have to otherwise next time you open them all your corrections are lost and if you spent lots of time doing them it is painful to do it again if you need convert same picture to jpeg using different conversion settings (image size, sharpenning etc.) I say it is safe since you can always revert back to original shot settings and have your original negative.
Also, somebody mentioned Canon viewer. Strange, but manipulations done in DPP/Viewer are not visible in Viewer/DPP. In other words, if you did something to RAW in Viewer (let's say applied sepia) you won't see that if you open same picture in DPP. And vice versa. I have asked why to Canon and reply was both programs does different changes to images.
Pesonally, I think that greatest challenge in photography is to have pictures come out right from camera, master to use your camera so well that you need no or very little manipulation. All pros i talked to told me so. I am happy when I don't need to do much manipulation. If I have to I consider it failure due to wrongfully selected aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, lense/filter selection etc. I only use PS if I need to achieve some very special effects or "clean" (retouche) the picture. It's just my personal oppinion though.

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I use Photshop Elements. Their latest edition includes raw file manipulation. It is slow, very slow, but does the trick. If you want Photoshop CS you can get educational prices at 30 to 40% off if you are a teacher, any type of student, or connected to an educational institution. There are several sites on the web that offer educational prices. You have to send proof of your ed. connection.
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Check out DxO optics.


They have special modules for different lens + camera combinations and do correction/adjustments for sharpness, vignetting, chromatic aberration, barrel and pincushion distortion and raw conversion.

It's not cheap but you can download a trial version - I have found the program to be very impressive.

I am going to splash out on the program plus lens modules for all my lenses fairly soon - actually I see that the balance on my credit card is down to zero so it may be a good month for it. :-)

Of course DxO is not a replacement for Photoshop, it is a program that you use before you open the file in PS.

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I use Adobe Carmera Raw (ACR) with Photoshote CS2 for my workflow and have been very happy with the results. Before switching to ACR for Raw conversion I used EOS Viewer Utility (liked it better than DPP)or Rawshooter Essentials. Zoombrowser is not a great application IMO.
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