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In need of few accesssories, if I take max 200 shots per session, what mb card would you all reccomend .

Additional lens, I purchased the Rebel XT kit with lens what one additional lens would be good choice? My first DSLR so be I'm bit undecided on these choices..:-)

I already have a card reader I installed in Floppy bay on Computer..

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Old Jul 20, 2005, 12:47 AM   #2
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a 1gb cf card should suffice.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"as far as lenses, stick with the kit lens and take pictures like you normally would. after taking a couple thousand, you'll start to realize what type of lens will best suit you. then you can go out and get an additional lens.
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i would get a couple of 1 gb flash cards.. sandisk extreme III's and Ultra II's are good choices on a canon..

don't go buy a cheap additional lens just because you want one.. you will only regret it in the future.. get to know your camera with your kit lens.. then see what kind of pictures you are taking and what your needs in a second lens are.. then save up for this lens and purchase a nice one.. its better than buying something cheap now and losing money on the trade in when you realize you need more..

best of luck to ya..

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I agree totally with Hards80. My only caveat is that the Ultra II should be plenty - unless you are going to be in extreme weather conditions I don't think you'll see any benefits from the Extreme III card. You are going to want at least 2gb in memory - I've gone back and forth on whether a 2gb or 2 1 gb cards is the better approach - I'm now back to the idea of having multiple cards - that way if something happens to the card you have a backup and if that's the middle of your vacation you don't lose ALL your pictures. So, my recommendation - buy 2 1gb Ultra II cards. I say get 2gb total because then you are free to take LOTS of pictures. Believe me, this is the way to get better. So what if you discard 90% of the pictures you take. You don't want to be worying about getting close to maxing out your CF card. If you see something you want to take a picture of - take 4 not just 1 - use different angles or exposures or whatever. That's the beauty of digital. If you take just that one shot and somethings wrong in the picture - too bad.

I also agree on the lens issue - don't throw away money until you know what lens your shooting dictates you need. After a few months of shooting you'll be in much better position to decide what lens requirements you have.

Enjoy the new toy!
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I bought 1gb memory card amd a, quite pleased with it, 80x on sale for $68. I didn't want one large as 2-4gig, be tough that $$ on one card. 1 gigs great..

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