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pauza Jul 18, 2005 7:33 AM

I am sure that this is an old talk on this forum.... but I am disappointed and I must protest. 20D is super but...
Yesterday I was shooting a lot but forgot about L+RAW settings.... The FULL CF message was like I dropped my camera on concrete... I had to review a lot of pictures and it was hard to let go some of them... very hard, you know... but it was no other way, or is it and I don't know about....
How to lose the RAW part and keep the jpeg? Is there any way? From the camera I mean, far-far away from home and with no other ways to connect the camera to something...
I am more than sure that it can be done by releasing a new firmware... but again, maybe there is a way to do it right now and I am not aware of.
Of course, it was a human error, leaving L+RAW, the camera has nothing to do with that.

BobA Jul 19, 2005 12:15 AM

Can you take the card into a photoshop and ask them to burn it to a cd or dvd for you? Other than that, until you get home your only other choice would be to pick up another CF card (or two or three).

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