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Old Jul 19, 2005, 9:56 AM   #1
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OK, so i was at http://www.hyper-fest.com this sat and then went to waterfest on sunday. On sat as i was changing lenses, from the 'oem' lens that came w/the camera to my tameron (sp) 28-105 lens, a piece or the shutter literally flew fell in my hand when i removed the oem lens.
Flash to waferfest, where almost 99% of my pics were okay, with the exception of like a strip of whiteness that appears near the top, prolly due to the shutter piece that fell off.
Flash to today, and I drop of the camera to ritz camera, where I got the camera. Oh yes, with a 2 year esp plan....and i was quite pointeed in what it'd cost me to get this camera (i.e. shutter plate?) replaced, and the clerk at the counter tells me nothing out of pocket.

So good thing i have my coolpix 5000 as my backup camera.....
I'll be w/o my camera for 4-6 weeks, which makes me mad, as I plan to go to the super tuner nights show in hampton, va. Here is where I hope I get a NEW digital rebel and not my original camera with the shutter replaced with a 'referbished' unit.
What are my chances of that happenening (i.e. new camera)? Any peeps on line here at vortex who work at ritz camera?
TIA for reading!
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Old Jul 19, 2005, 10:58 PM   #2
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I doubt you're going to get a new camera.

When the lens in my P&S broke, they only replaced the lens. It was the same body.

refurbished unit? I don't think they'll even try to fix the broken shutter button- they're probably just going to install a new one. It's much cheaper for them to replace that part especially when the rest of the camera seems functional.
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Old Jul 20, 2005, 12:51 AM   #3
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Did they tell you that the new shutter would be a refurbished unit, or are you just guessing that it won't be a brand new OEM part?
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my guess is you will get your camera back with a refurb shutter... maybe not, you may get lucky and get a new shutter.. either way, i wouldn't be overly concerned..
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Canon likes to fix their stuff. You probably wont get a new one.
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