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The power is inconsistent. I might take 2 shots or 20 and the camera shuts down. I have to turn off the camera, remove the battery cartridge, reinsert, and turn the camera back on. It does the same with one battery or two inserted in the cartridge. The camera operates fine without the BG E3.

Any suggestions.

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It is definately a contact problem between the grip and the camera. Depending on how much pressure/strain is put on the grip, it can momentarily lose electrical contact and cause things to shut down (a safety device).

Try slightly shimming one side of the grip to even out the angle at which it rests inside the camera. Alignment is the key. Check your mounting screw for tightness frequently. Overtightening can also cause the same effect.

The 20D suffers from the same problems, so you have a lot of company.

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The problem is the little extrusion that tells the camera the battery door is open. It isn't long enough and with a little flex the camera thinks you opened the battery door when you didn't.

I sent mine back 2 weeks ago and just got it back and the extrusion piece seems to be longer. When I flex the camera and grip it has not turned off so I am hoping it is fixed. Call them and tell them you have a problem and they should fix it for you.

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There is a small washer that needs fitting to the battery grip. It's not a warranty part and I don't know it's part number but the Canon Service Centre in Stoke on Trent here in the UK fitted it for me FOC as I was having my 20D calibrated. Seek help from your nearest service centre.

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