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I thought the EXPO was classy and well done. Canon puts on a good show and they have a lot of excellent technology to crow about. The morning began with a seminar by David Kirkland, who showed photographs of the hundreds of stars he photographed, and told stories about the photo sessions.

The live modeling area with the 5D, was excellent. Different photographers of note; fashion, portrait, wedding, etc., shot a photo session on stage and the photos were transmitted wirelessly to some futuristic software and then printed in very large format - real time, and fast. All the while, the photographer explaining the process of the shoot and the technology. The software can automatically organize photos of those with eyes opened, or just smile shots, etc.

Every gadget and future technology was presented by good looking and well polished spokespersons. The models were beautiful. The future SED flat panel technology is awesome. The large ceiling mounted projection TV was the sharpest thing I've ever seen, theater sized.

Every possible home consumer printer and camera (video and still) was hands on. They had three large white lenses on platforms attached to different cameras, and you could put them through their paces, aimed at different subjects throughout and above the hall.

You could look through any camera, with any lens and try them out. All of the Canon people were helpful and knowledgable.

I asked three different Canon people if the rumour of the death of the 1.6 crop was true. They all told me they couldn't comment on future products, but they kind of winked and told me to get a grip. The XT is the most popular camera in history, would they really abandon it?

If I had brought my XT, which I didn't, because the forecast was for a day of thunderstorms and I didn't feel like walking in the rain (forecast was wrong), I could have shot with any lens I wanted and printed to my hearts desire on any printer with any paper.

They also had a very thorough concentration of business technology, as well as medical and security. Software that only takes a photo when the persons eyes are opened or when they smile. Face recognition software. Fantastic office conference gadgets.

They really put on a great show. Everyone was given a battery powered pen, with the top being a miniature lava lamp with different colors.

I've been a Canon fan for sometime, and the EXPO only solidified my admiration for their products. The EXPO was as well produced as their products are.

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I'm writing an article about the Canon Expo, and I'm looking for quotes from attendees. Are you available sometime this week or next (Oct. 19-28) for a quick 10-minute phone interview, or may I print some of the comments from your message board entry? My e-mail address is [email protected]. Please e-mail me if you'll be able to help. I appreciate it.

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