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Last night I put in an order for the Canon 5D at the local camera shop. It arrived today! The sales person lamented that the shipment all went to customers and there were none left for the staff. I guess I got my order in just in time. This camera is a nice upgrade from a D60!

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While picking up a soft box at Calumet Photo in Chicago, I saw a saleman with a 5D box. He said that this morning the sotrehad about 170 cameras. All but two were pre-ordered and had been picked up. The salesman said I could buy one of the remaining two.I did. The camera is nearly an exact copy of the 10D, except it seems a bit lighter in weight.

I tried a continuous burst (jpeg large quality mode), I had to stop. It probably will go all the way to 60 consecutive shots. The shutter sound doesn't sound as good as the 10D does. Im my opinion, Canon sacraficed some robustness and build qualitywhen theyreplaced the 10D with the 20D. I thinkthis sacrifice iseven more evident in the build quality of the 5D. I'm not complaining, because for the money, it's unbeatable right now. Nice to have my wide angles back! I'll keep my 20D since I like to do a lot of long range shooting for my personal photography. The two cameras are different enough that depending on the shooting circumstance, you willchoose one over the other. If I'm shooting a sporting event, I'lluse the 20D as primary and the 5D as a backup. Otherwise, I'm going to use the 5D. The weight difference is like that of the 10D verses the 20D. You will never decide to take the 20D over the 5D because of size and weight differences they are that close in size.

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keep the tele on the 20d / slap a wide/normal on the 5d ... have fun!


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Personally, I think the 5D shutter sounds great. Softer, more controlled than the 20D.*
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I don't thinkI would really care how the shutter sounds on a 5D, although the XT shutter sounds better than the Rebel and 20D IMO.:blah:
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If you were shooting in a church, shooting wildlifeor doing a lot of street photography you would. I remember shooting a first communion and how many stares I got shooting with a 20D compared to the other pro photographer who was using a Nikon D70. What a difference. I get used to the loudness of the 20Duntil I pick upmy 10D and then I realize just how noisy the 20D's shutter is. The 5D is somewhere in between the two.so far that's my only comment (not a complaint). I guess I will always use the10D as a comparison for any new SLR I get since it was my first digital SLR and at the time the most expensive camera I'd ever owned. I really like the additional "pro features" the 5D has, larger/higher resolution LCD monitor, ISO values displayed in the view finder, 1/3 increment adjustment for ISO settings!, no auto modes on the dial except the green square, andfull frame sensor. I've gotten used to the lack of wide angle and the increased zoom that todayI had trouble using my 28 - 135 indoors. I had forgotten how wide 28 mm was on my film camera and how short 135 mm is.

For now,I feel like I've reached the end of my camerapurchasing journey.I felt really bad driving home with the camera for the first time, because it's worthabout the same as my car! I'm doing quite a fewpaid jobsand the 20D and 5D are a perfect combination for the clientele and type of jobs I have now. I don't know what the ISO noise ratings are for this camera, butthe lack of noiseseems as good or better than the 20D to me.

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