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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a tripod from Blacks (Giottos VT809) and it has a detachble camera mounting plate.

I see the screw that is supposed to screw into the camera but right beside it there is a little metal button thing that is depressable but I can't figure out what it does.

Thing is - I can't really figure out how to attach my camera.. it seems to almost scrape the bottom of it.. There is also a ring on the underside of the mounting plate attached to the screw which I also don't know what it's for. There were no instructions with the tripod.

So - how can I mount my camera without scraping the bottom? =D

Thanks a lot everyone! I can't understand why they don't include instructions for new camera users!
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The little button next to the screw is there to keep the mounting plate from moving. Many cameras have detants on their undersides which that little nub popsinto and keeps the camera/mount plate from sliding past each other. The XT's underside is pretty smooth, so this is relatively useless on the XT. No need to worry about it.

The ring attached to the screw is how you tighten the screw. Line the screw up to the hole on the XT and then turn that little ring to tighten it, but only until it is snug, go to far, and you'll damage the camera or mount.

My tripod's mounting plate is a semi-hard rubber and I have no problem with it scraping the camera. Most tripods I've used have either a rubber coating or simply holding them while tightening will keep it from scraping.
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Thanks a lot! I actually figured just about all of that out while I was waiting for a repsponse!

I noticed the camera was twisting slightly while on the tripod so I tightened it a bit more. I love having a tripod and my RC-1 wireless remote.. Ive taken some fun pictures already!
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