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If you are in the market for some Canon products, wait until the 15th to get in on some nice rebates!

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Canon already giving cash-back rebates in Europe for the 20D. Makes you wonder if the 20D is a sound investment.

Everyone knows that rebates are used to sell products coming to the end of their shelf-live ... and are therefore followed by even bigger price cuts.

Question is, what's the replacement of the 20D? A not-yet born 30D or the newly released 5D featuring a "full-size" sensor? If it becomes the norm in dSLRs, it would ruin the value of the 20D quickly, if the marketing from Canon communicates seriously on "full-size" sensors. :?
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gaul wrote:
Canon already giving cash-back rebates in Europe for the 20D. Makes you wonder if the 20D is a sound investment.
It's as sound now as it ever been... The camera has not become any worst - its capabilities hasn't changed, just a better price

The price erosion is a given with any electronic... Actually one would loose not as much if one pays 'less' for the camera. Canon is not alone at this: Minolta also has a rebate for the 7D which put it below the XT (or Minolta own 5D with anti-shake).
Everyone know that the 'cropped' 10 to 12 Mpixels cameras are coming, now that Sony has made theses CMOS sensors available :idea:
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If you are a professional then the return on the investment of any piece of equipment is the amount of income you can generate from that equipment over its expected useful life.

The 20D is estimated at approximately 100,000 shutter actuations before replacement so you need to factor that in.

Of course if the quality of the 20D is marginal for the work you do then it may be sensible to consider a camera with a higher image quality and balance that against the revenue you generate from it, and a host of other factors besides.

But the advantage of buying LATE in the cycle is that the prices are usually much better than early in the cycle. So if the quality is good enough then you might say that it's actually a much better investment than buying early in the cycle.

If you are not a pro then I suggest that you not think of a camera as an investment, think of it as a toy. No matter how many new and groovy cameras are released after you buy it will not make the pictures you get from the 20D any worse. If they're good enough then they're good enough.

If you want the latest and greatest toys (an expensive game where DSLRs are concerned) then you need to decide whether you want pictures now or after the next one is released. These things typically run on 18-24 month cycles so we're probably 6-12 months away from an upgrade to the 20D, but of course that's not guaranteed and you could go for the 5D now.

I personally do want a 10-12 Mp camera for A3 prints, whether 5D or cropped depends on price and image quality, but I feel that I can probably skip the current cycle and go for the one after that. Much like many people with the 10D didn't go to the 20D and are now going for the 5D.

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