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Ok, now I'm just having a conversation for fun here... I like talking about this stuff. And intelligent conversation is fun!

I don't have a bias to any of these 3 cameras. All are simply aimed at a slightly different location.
While I don't actually know you (or PeterP) I will say that we all have a bias. We are all looking for a camera that fits our needs. So I would be shocked if *you* don't have a bias towards one of the cameras, as one of those three probably fits your needs better (needs includes cost, not just specs.) I'll say up front that for what I do, the 1D MkII is probably the best camera out there (except maybe the 1-V HS, ignoring that it's film... which can't be ignored.) But that bias is clear from many other posts. To have no bias at all (about something) is a very rare thing.

I do agree, though, that the 5D is well positioned for a lower cost "1Ds MKII"-like camera. It will make a great backup camera for someone who has the 1Ds MkII, and make a good primary camera for many people.

My point is that most things are first and formost compared on price. What do I get for X dollars? I can buy X (with these features) or Y (with those features.) Then you throw things out based on features. Some will reject the 1D MkII based on the sensor size (or weigth, or MP, or...) but I think, on the surface, that people will consider them both. Maybe Canon didn't intend them to, but people *will* do it.

I don't think we are saying clearly contradictatory things. You are stating Canon's position (they are cameras aimed at different markets) while I'm saying that people will compare them because they cost similarly. They probably shouldn't, because they are quite different cameras, but they will. I just hope they don't *expect* the 5D to have a similar feature set and quality as the 1D MkII. That just wouldn't be fair to the 5D.

I should have made my statement a bit different. I said "serious" photographers, I mean "professional." Those things matter more to pros than to others. If you depend on your camera, and you need that shot, then you will go out in the rain and you will care about better shutter build.

I do find Firmware05's comments a bit odd. Some shows a lack of knowledge (EF-S lenses will never work on that camera, they weren't designed to). And that it shouldn't be used for sports is... well, exactly inline with its intent (so it shouldn't be a complaint, it should be a statement of fact.)

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