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After passing through factors such as composition, exposure, sharpness and subject matter, I would say that out of a 100 shots, maybe 5-10 would be considered keepers. This worried me at first -- thinking I must be an unbelievably horrible photographer. But then I was assured through a friend of mine (who is far more experienced than I) that this was nothing uncommon.

What about you guys? Out of 100 shots, on average how many do you actually consider "keepers" ?
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I have taken over 4200 shots with my 350D. I only delete total "screw ups" :roll:

I keep all others in digital format (on the hard drive) and I only print out the best. I have printed about 30 pictures from the 4200.

I have found that I take alot of pictures using the "3 shots per second" mode so Istand the best chanceof getting1 perfect shot out of 10.

This is why I love digital. :-)
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On average I will keep about 30 shots out of 100 taken. I erase out of focus, bad composition, bad timing and just plain bad shots.
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Difficult question to answer. As a guide, I took 1,417 images at my last wedding and the couple are left with what I consider to be the best.....514. Of those, my absolute favourites that I have used on a slideshow came to 100 so I am within your own 5-10%.

The discarded ones include not only poorly focussed or incorrectly exposed images but duplicates. I tend to take 2 or 3 shots of the same scene a lot of the time.

I would actually say that of all the shots taken at the wedding...80-90% would be useable in some way, whether cropped, worked on a bit or made into a trendy B + W shot.

On an average day and 100 shots, I would say I keep (or bother processing) 20-30. Of those I may well only "really" like 2 or 3. If you are really happy with your 5-10 images and they are either saleable, printable and worthy of your portfolio, I would say you are doing pretty well.

By shooting RAW, you are able to salvage somany more images except for out of focus ones.

So I would say shoot RAW, learn to focus well and effectively, know your kit and you will have a lot more keepers.

At the end of the day, this is why digital has brought higher quality photography to the masses....once you have the kit, it is so cheap to maintain.
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bout 5-10%...

unless i have a predertimined vision and have it planned out in advance, then i can get by with 5 or 6 shots..

and yes, shooting RAW does help.. esp in mixed lighting where custom white balance is a savior..
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For me it very much depends on why I'm out shooting.
If I'm really out just for myself, if the goal is only to get good photos, then I get around 2 in 10 or so that I really like. But its also very much luck, as I photograph wild animals. Get a good animal, and I get more shots.

If I'm out more socially, with a group of bird watchers, then I fewer good shots just because I don't "milk" locations for all their worth. I tend to move on more because that is what they want.

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Last week I covered a sporting event for the local newspaper.I took 80 shots and submitted seven for editorial review.¬*Three shots were printed in the paper (about a 1:25 ratio).-- Terry¬*¬*
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Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.
Ansel Adams
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Sure, I'd like 12 as good as Ansel's, that will be my New Year's resolution!¬*
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