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Thanks for the info on calibration, I may not need it (yet), but it's nice to know about it...

since we're getting off topic, I'd like to put my $.02 in about ISO 9001... a couple of months I go I read on the back of a bag of dried mangoes from Costco (yeah the Philippines brand one) that it was made on a ISO 9001 compliant site... I couldn't stop laughing:lol:

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Greg Chappell said he'd be interested in knowing exactly what Canon did to my camera equipment. Each piece came back with a typed "Service Details". I'll just cite two of them. The camera: "Adjusted focus to best focusing point. Checked with lenses. Cleaned sensor, mirror, viewfinder, and LCD. Checked all functions to factory specs." The 400mm lens: "Adjusted best focus point. Projection test. Cleaned elements. CK/ADJ/LUB all functions to factory specs." Each piece had something different under "Service Details" so it's not like it was a form letter.

Chuck Westfall is a Canon Tech Representative. Go to: http://dirckhalstead.org/issue0505/westfall.htmlwhere you will find the following info (along with lots more info - check the June Tech Tip (he has them all archived for retrieval). In June's Tech Tip he goes into more detail on calibrating.

Chuck Westfall: The calibration procedures for each component are done according to the known specifications for that component, not for one component to match another. First, the camera body is calibrated with a "tool lens," i.e., a standard lens known to be operating correctly according to design specifications. Once the body is autofocusing correctly with the tool lens, then the camera can be checked against other lenses. Calibrating a lens does not damage its performance with multiple camera bodies as long as the calibration standards for the lens are independent from the calibration standards for the body.
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