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When my 350D is not in my hands I usually am holding either my Canon Powershot S1 or my Canon Powershot SD110.
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I carry a Canon S1 IS in my backpack while hiking. Otherwise, my RebelXT is always with me.
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Brandnugirl wrote:
Thanks a lot guys. I currently have a Panasonic FZ5 but I am planning on a 350D with tax return money. I am thinking of buying a smaller camera this Christmas; the Fz5 is almost the same size as the DSLR.
depends on what lens you have on the dSLR. Here is a shot, taken with FZ1.

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Main camera is 20D. I usually carry a S50 in my brief case. If I want something with more options its the G5.
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A 300D. I had mirror failure so while it was being repaired under warranty got myself a 350D body. I now keep the 350D for my birding work with sig 100-300 EX on and my 300D is my landscape (tokina 17mm) stand-by plus "lets play with other lenses" tool (I don't mind poking about inside to remove dust and salt and clag quite so much with the old one

I had a pocket point and shoot but couldn't get used to the shutter lag so gave up on it
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Old Nov 4, 2005, 4:38 PM   #16
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my main camera is the 20D and I have a 300D as a backup. I have been thinking about a small point and shoot to just have with me all the time. I would like one that uses the compact flash card though since I already have several.
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Old Nov 4, 2005, 6:48 PM   #17
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get an s60 or s70, both use CF media and allow RAW workflow..
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I keep my 1st digicam - Minolta A1 - as my second camera. It's always in my car. It takes CF cards, all controls are under my fingertips , RAW, even has some functions that my 20D doesn't - like spot metering and live histigram preview. Very good 7x zoom lense.
Not quite pocketable though but compact enough to carry everywhere. Just love it!

Almost forgot: it has very good AntiShake system built-in!
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Old Nov 5, 2005, 8:48 PM   #19
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I have a Panasonic FX7 pocket size cam for the times I don't want to drag around the 20D. 5 MP isn't that great, but for quick snaps it is really handy...

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Old Nov 6, 2005, 12:52 AM   #20
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My FIRST camera is now a Casio EX-Z750.

7Mpix, excellent 3x zoom lens, full manual control, big monitor, legible menus, fits in my shirt breast pocket. It's the camera of my dreams, and at last I'm getting results from a digital compact that are comparable with my venerable OM-10 SLR + zooms, without having to carry the weight & bulk. I used to have a Rollei 35 and then an Olympus XA (neither with a zoom) for occasions when I couldn't take the OM-10. All my digicams until this one have been too big to go in a breast pocket.

My best photographic friend has a Nikon digital SLR, and we gaze longingly at each others' cameras. So I think it would complement your 'real' Canon camera quite nicely.

Alan T
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