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My boss just received a Canon D30 EOS digital camera. We know that we can't use it because it is only 3.3mp. But it came with a ton of stuff. A Canon 75-300mm Image Stablizer lens. A 28-90mm lens. A battery grip (BG-ED3), two batteries. A stroboframe, a 550exSpeedlite Flash. Battery charger. Lens filter. And a cool backpack camera case. She was given all this for FREE!!!

I am in the process of buying a Digital Rebel XT to use while working with her shooting weddings. Will the items that came with the D30 work with the new EOS Digital Rebel xt? I am pretty sure the lenses will. I know the Stroboframe and Flash will. But what about the Battery grip? Will that work? And the batteries?

She wants me to make her a offer on the items. But she is also going to do some research herself to see what the market price is for these items. Anyone have any idea what kind of offer I used make her. The items are used but look brand new. She has no use for them she uses all Nikon.

Please help me. I am new to all this. I just want a good camera with good accessories. Right now I am using her old broken crappy stuff and half my pictures don't even turn out. I get so embarrassed at the weddings when I am trying to take pictures and the flash isn't working on the flash bracket falls apart.

Thank you so much for all your help in advance.

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the lenses should work., i'm pretty sure the batteries and grip are NOT compatible with the XT.

the quality of those lenses are, "Meh..."

the 75-300 has been replaced recently, but what makes it expensive is the IS...

as for the 28-90.....

anyway, i'm not going to give an expective paying price... if it was to me i wouldn't even buy them unless they were dirt cheap. I think the newer 70-300 IS runs for something like 500-600US... so if it was A LOT cheaper ( >> 50%) i might think of getting it...

either way, your boss will get free money, right? so maybe you can go a bit lower than the usual , "used" price range...

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The lenses, flash and stroboframe will work...that's it. The grip is totally different with totally different batteries. If you get the grip for the XT, the BG-E3, then the stroboframe might not work like it should as well, but it depends on which model it is.

Any more questions, just ask.
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Your "Boss" got all this for free? Now she wants to SELL it to you at a "reduced" price? Marginal lens - nearly obsolete camera !

She sounds like someone you want at arms length - all of the time!
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Should I not be interested in buying just the lenses? From what you all have said it sounds like the lens aren't that great. I did check out the 28-90mm USM. Brand new is $110. So I do know that it isn't the greatest lens. But would it be ok to start with?

If I could find anyother professional photographer to take my under their wing and train me I probably would go. She does a good job with weddings but needs more creativity with portraits. I have lots of creative ideas that could be put into play. But somehow we never have time for my stuff.

It is upsetting to not be able to do all I feel I am capable of. But what else can I do. I need someone to train me.

Thank you all for the information. I greatly appreciate it all. This website is the greatest.


in Maryland

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