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Iam an amateur who wants to take nightime racing pics. Ihave a Canon Digital Rebel, a Sunpak 522 handle mount flash andaWein Safe-Sync voltage regulator.When using this combo, at 1/400 second or higher the bottom 1/4 of the image is black. It gets progressively worse as shutter speed goes up. Is this a limitation of the camera, lensor is there a work around for this? Ideally I'd like shutter speed 1/500 sec or faster. Any ideas/suggestions here??

The lens I have to use for this is a 75-300 USM Canon zoom.

Also, the flash wants to repeatedly fire after taking one picture. It will recycle then go off constantly. Is this a bad regulator, bad sync cable or a Canon quirk?

Thank you in advance.

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outlaw, i'm no expert but, i think it is a limitation of the camera. Check your camera manual to see what the maximum synchronized shutter speed would be. Probably around 1/250. Not sure if there is a function to increase that speed.

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djb is right - It's the limitation of the camera. The maximum shutter speed is 1/250s, anything higher than that has the effect of a shutter slit traveling across the film (sensor) plane -> partially black-out and thicker as the shutter speed increases

Normally you don't such a high shutter speed if your flash is powerful enougth: the flash pulse is in the order of 1000th second or less and can freeze the movement by itself

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