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Default Canon 10D vs D60

Any one going to trade in the D60 for the 10 D? I've had the D60 since last summer, and loved it. Thought it would hold me for several years. All electronic goods become obselete. I didn't see how I would need the D80 at 8 megapixels over the D6o's 6.3 if and when that came out.

However shooting with the D60 (I do hand-held, available light work, lots of on-the-fly candids) I did notice the limitations of the 3 autofocus spots not seeming to do what I wanted, especially in vertical orientation. And also , I don't use flash, so having ISO higher than 1000 may be helpful.

So here comes the 10D out of the blue doing exactly the things that make it worthwhile to me to trade in the D60, even though still has the same 1.6 magnification for the senso. (The 10D has 7 AF spots, goes up to ISO 3200, and has a sensor that distinguishes between vertical and horizontal)

Any thoughts on this?
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I, along with zillions of other people, have the same issue...do I want to trade for the 10D, or "suffer" with my D60. I am not the happiest camper with the AF system, but I have had such good results with the camera that I think I will hold on to it.

At the rate of improvements in the Canon DSLR's, I wouldn't be surprised if, a year from now, we would have available something no worse than the D60, but with a 45-area AF, such as the 1D/1Ds, and the EOS3 have.

And, if trends continue, I expect it wouldn't cost much more than the D60 was. I'm not looking for the build of the 1D.

At any rate, my thinking is that getting the 10D will still leave me wishing for really fast AF and the ability to track the way the 1D does, and it would make me very sad when the camera I am hoping for comes out next year.
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I think in the near future, DSLR will be much more improve with the AF and other new features will be introduced and the cost will be trememdously reduced. However, it's not necessary to wait until then to buy one if you need one right now. The new EOS 10D is a decent DSLR at the low price and its AF is 100% improve over the D60 plus several new features. You can buy one and enjoy the new technology on this camera and if you like it better than the D60, sell the D60, save the money for next year (new DSLR). Don't trade in the D60, you will looseing a lot more money than if you plan to sell it. Of course will losse some money to sell the D60, but consider that is the cost of using it. I was very lucky to sell my D30 at 65% of the original price and use that money to purchase the EOS10D.

Don't wait for too long to do this because the value of your D60 is going down everyday if you want to sell it, but if you're happy with it, then you should keep it and save money for the next purchase of your new DSLR in the future.

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At any rate, my thinking is that getting the 10D will still leave me wishing for really fast AF and the ability to track the way the 1D does, and it would make me very sad when the camera I am hoping for comes out next year.
Hi Walter,
The 10D is pretty good as far as autofocus is concerned - certainly a major improvement over the D30/D60. Even though it will reliably focus at F8 with the pins taped on a Canon 1.4x teleconverter, Canon decided to rate it like the D60 at F5.6. It must have been a marketing decision, because the autofocus "is" really that good.

Aside from the autofocus improvement, there are probably not enough other important features (the 10x LCD zoom is really handy - wish I had it on my 1D) to make swapping worth while, unless you could get a really good price for your D60.

The 7 area multi-focus point is quite good for movement and AI-Servo tracking is excellent. But this can work against one if they are used to getting reliable focus (as with the D30/D60) without changing this between stills and action shots. In fact, if you try to use the camera with multi-point focus on stills, you "will" get more than your share of mis-focused shots. Change to center point for stills, use multi-point for action and everything is great.

I suspect had I bought a D60 (one of my associates has one), I would probably not have purchased the 10D, but I needed a backup for the 1D and as good as the D30 is, I really missed the additional resolution. So far I'm very happy with the 10D. I will picku up a 1Ds before next October for a shoot in Churchill, Manitoba, but I think I will probably keep the 10D anyway.

I sold my SD9 to a friend in Switzerland who is getting great shots with it. I loved the resolution and especially the sharpness, but missed the high ISO performance and couldn't resist the low price on the 10D.

Who knows what Canon might do next - perhaps an 8 megapixel version of the 10D might be on the burner. It couldn't hurt to wait because the already low prices will just get better when the next new model is announced. There are some really neat features with the 10D, but the burst speed of the 1D makes it all that more attractive. If I had a D60, and did not already have the 1D, I think I would be inclined to keep the D60 for a backup, save my nickles and pick up a 1D instead since the prices are nearly half what I paid for mine.

Best regards,

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If you use the seleted focusing point like me (most and heavily rely on the central focusing point, then reframe and shoot), the AF oprations is very fast and very useful. I never use the 7 focusing points because I don't very much like the camera select the focusing points for me, most of the times, it doesn't have the same thinking as I am, the tracking focus mode works very well also. OVerall, for the lower price of $1,499, it's a great buy.
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