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Hi, I just wanted to ask anyone who has used both the 20d and 350 if it is realy worth the extra 700$ for the 20d for someone on a very limited budjet. This would be my 1st SLR. If i got the 20d that would mean no lens's for a while, but with the 350 I may still be able to invest in some quality lenses

Thanks for your input
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Unfortunately this is impossible to answer without knowing what you will do with the camera. Its like asking which car you should buy without saying what you'll do with the car. A sports car would be wasted on me (a bad choice) but my older brother races cars and a sports car would be great for him.

What you're really asking is:
Are the features/abilities that the 20D does better worth the extra money?

Without knowing if you'll use those features we can't answer. I think so, but I regularly do things with my 20D that you can't do with a 350. If you took portrates or landscapes the answer would be no.

Something else to consider is that a lens will last you a long time and probably effect your photography more than a camera body. I usually suggest a good lens and the 350D over the 20D and an ok lens. But if you will really use the features the 20D does better... well, then you've answered your question. The 20D is what you need.

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I agree with Eric. It's hard to say what is the right answer for you, depending on how many shots you click a year, how important photography is to you, the types of photos you take, etc. etc. etc.

Personally, however, I would say if you're really into photography, get the 20D.

You could squeak by with the kit lens for a while until you get used to the camera.

Then, if you know a particular focal length and type of photography you like to do, you can then save up for your next purchase, like a nice super wide angle zoom, or a 70-200 F2.8 or something like that.

The 20D is a very, very nice cam. You'd probably have to step up to EOS 1D or a 1DS to beat it, but your talking 3,000-7,000 US dollar cameras.

The 20D is a very film SLR like cam, with excellent build quality, features, etc. etc.

I've had mine for one year and every time I pick it up, the more I like it.

The 20D just keeps growing on you.


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If on a budget, I would recommend 350D. I don't have either as I use old 10D and waiting for 20D replacement to be announced soon. For starters 350d is very nice. 20D gives faster fps (3 vs 5) and better AF but then I have seen some very good birds in flight shots using 350d.

Do invest in good lens. I think better glass really helps and it also holds it value.
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