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I have to reply to what amounts to a personal attack, since you call me dishonest and a liar.
You certainly do have a right to reply, and re-reading both your article (more carefully this time) and my comment (hasty and ill-considered) you deserve an apology.

You have it unreservedly.

That webpage's entire point was to show that there is a difference in a higher sync speed - a fact which users of leaf shutters have known a long time before D-SLRs with 1/500th flash sync speed was around.
And giving your page a more than cursory reading, you do explain your point, quite clearly I did not read your page carefully enough to follow the logic of your argument.

and then in the end you agree with the statement that a higher flash sync speed gives you greater range.

So perhaps in the end some of what you wrote did penetrate after all, I'm sometimes ill-mannered, but not terminally stupid (thank goodness).

But in the end, I am still mystified by the personal attack ? Is it because I am a faceless stranger that you can disparage in front of friends here and score some points? Or does this kind of posturing on an internet forum make you feel superior in some way? Whatever your motivation or intention, it is distasteful.
It was certainly not meant to be a personal attack, but equally I can see the point that it might look that way. I'm just argumentative by nature, it doesn't make me feel superior, and having to eat humble pie like this is good medicine for that in any event.

After anyone else reading this thread has stopped laughing at my discomfort, I would like to recommend your site to them.

My genuine aim out of all this is that I and everyone else who participates should learn something.

I hope you will consider frequenting these forums occasionally, because as I peruse your site it's quite clear that you do know a great deal about flash photography, and that you could be an extremely valuable resource to the rest of us. Quite simply your photographs speak for themselves as to your expertise, and in fact the accompanying text is extremely lucid and is clearly the product of some considerable amount of work.

Once I have had time to think on your many articles I'm sure I at least will have many questions, though of course you would be perfectly justified in telling me to sod off.

And finally, once again, my apologies.

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Peripatetic, let me say I'm grateful to see someone apologise in such an honest and open way. It's not easy to eat such humble pie, but I believe you have shown good character in how you replied.

I hope Neil totally accepts and understands where you're coming from and your reformed opinions after the closer re-read.

At the same time, let me say you are a great source of useful information and appreciated (personal) opinion on this forum, so at the same time as eating humble pie, I hope I can add a seasoning of encouragement!

Best wishes, and I hope we all (me inclusive) learn to interact within the world with grace and forgiveness. This might also let us appreciate each other and each other's photos more too!

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I am glad that Neil van Niekerk has made good points and clarified some of the confusion about flash photography.:-)

This is refreshing to see that Peripatetic has so graciously accepted the correction and apologized.

I have learned a lot from both of you. So please continue to add to the knowledge of rockies like me..:G
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Old Mar 1, 2006, 9:36 AM   #34
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Ditto to the recent posts. It is through these debates where those of us newer to the hobby learn the most. It's one thing to just state an opinion. To have to back it, knowing it is being scrutinized by folks all over the world...:P thanks to all and thanks to this site.

Now, peripatetic, I've followed many of your responses. It was crystal clear to me from the beginning you are British - love the dry wit. A few of your first lines have a comeback like a rifle shot, rather direct and to the point for this Southern-styled American. That said, I love your posts. Just simply demand you change your avatar. You look to be a laid back dude with a warm and engaging smile on your face. You have til the end of the day to change your picture to your true horrid scowl, an old bitter man surrounded by small children cowering in fear. Let the sky turn grey and plants wither in your presence.

Must be a nice camera and photo editor you use to create that "warmer" image in your avatar.

Neil, your subject is just over my head at this point. Thanks for the info.

Thanks all.

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