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I'll be getting the 20D replacement late this coming spring. Anybody currently using a 20D to take photographs they sell to magazines? What has the feedback been from publishers about image size/quality they prefer, ie, lowest threshhold for technical aspects of a picture? Is a 20D perfectly adequate?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Arizona Highways just recently started publishing digital photography now that quality is up there.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Please no replies about the quality of the photograph determining salability. I know that already. I'mcurious for info about experiences photographers have had with industry acceptance of the digital medium and what their bare minimum requirements are.
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It completely depends on on the magazine. I've sold images using the 20D, both as prints (13x19 from the full frame image, 8x10 many times cropped and full frame.)

I've had some images published from both the 10D and the 20D. They basically always want 300DPI. The resolution is dependent on what they will use it for. You can't tell them what you have, they will tell you what size they want.

From what I know, Arizona Highways is *very* demanding. Their standards are extremely high. I wouldn't expect to get on the cover with the 20D, but in theory it is possible. I would think you could get into the inside. I would not be surprised if you got resistance from them with the 20D (i.e. bias against that low a resolution) but the camera is a very capable device.

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The requirements can be as simple as a good image at 300 dpi at the requested size. In this case,you can upsize the image and thereshouldn't be any problems. However, some publications require 150 to 300LPI (different from DPI)unaltered images at the requested size. In this case, the minimum Canon camera you could use would be a 5D, to get the required image size. Thistype of requirement would most likely come frompublications used to receiving files from medium format cameras using 16 mega-pixel and larger digital backs. They might accepta few images shot usingfull frame Kodak and Canon DSLRs.

If it's studio work, expect the highest demands for image size and quality. On location and sports images havehistorically been taken from smaller digitalimages ( about 4 mega-pixels). I have some 24 x 36 photos from the 20D printed on a large format printer that compared very well to the 1D mkII and the 1Ds professional cameras.

Good luck!
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I recently had a magazine ask me for pictures of an area close to where I live. I sent them about 30. 25 taken with my 20D and 5 old ones I had taken with a Panasonic FZ20. I had resized the FZ20 photos to 15cm by 22cm at 300dpi and put them in, just in case. Can you believe it, the magazine bought all 5 Panasonic photos and only 1 from the 20D.

Genrally all my work now is with the 20D. I convert the Raw file into a 16bit tiff file, do some corrections and send that file to the magazine. I don't know about magazines like National Geographic and Time, but the surfing and outdoor travel mags are more then happy with the quality from the 20D.
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