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Old Jan 12, 2006, 4:45 PM   #1
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I am in the market for a 1G card for my 20D.

Is any brand recommended over another?

Are there compatibilty problems with any brand?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
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Old Jan 12, 2006, 10:20 PM   #2
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I use Sandisk Extreme III 1 gig cards. I think they are 45X and a bit more rugged than most. I've always been told to use the fastest cards you can so you can use continuous mode without slowing the buffer down. I haven't had any problems. I usually only shoot 5 shot bursts at the most. I have done 15 or so shots and it has slowed down until the buffer empties to memory. I don't know of any others so that is my 2 cents worth from my 2 cents of experience.

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Old Jan 13, 2006, 7:04 AM   #3
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Rob Galbraith does pretty exhaustive tests on this and publishes the results. Here is the 20d's results


I use both Lexar 80x and Sandisk Ultra II cards and both have been reliable. When looking at the ratings above, pay attention to his comments about you not noticing a difference betwen a pretty wide range of cards. So, bottom line: If you use the Ultra II, Extreme III, Lexar 80x you're not going to notice a difference.

Personally, unless you are shooting in extreme weather conditions I don't see that the Sandisk Extreme card is worth the extra money right now. Under 'normal' (I know normal is relative but use common sense - 10F - 95F ) the two cards will perform the same.
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Old Jan 13, 2006, 7:31 AM   #4
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I don't have a 20d but Lexar 80x CF have some rebates going on now.

I was planning on getting one for a Rebel XT, the 1G has a $30 rebate.

Good luck,

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Old Jan 13, 2006, 9:34 AM   #5
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I had two Lexar 80x 2gb cards. Both were affected by the lost images problem. Lexar replaced them...but I had to pay shipping and insurance to get it to them. On one of my cards, it took more than 3 weeks to get it back...it was just sitting at someone's desk at Lexar. Lexar should have given me advanced exchange for free and should have picked up the shipping...but they didn't...even after a few calls. I was then convinced they didn't value me as a customer...sold both cards and got me a Kingston Elite Pro 4gb CF instead. No more Lexars for me. :X

The Lexar CF's performed well for me...didn't experience the problem...but I did not want to take the chance. Customer service though is another story.

I'm not sure whether Lexar pulled all the affected cards out of the market already...so there's a chance that you might get one even if you get brand new...perhaps brand new, but old stock.
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Old Jan 13, 2006, 11:13 AM   #6
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I use a Sandisk Ultra II 1gb in my 20D and it works great and writes fast. I've been told that the 20D can't write faster than 6mb/sec so I didn't spend more money to buy an 80X card.
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Old Jan 13, 2006, 5:10 PM   #7
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in reality the image loss problems w/ lexarswere very rare, and required specific conditions to elicit the problem.. and i think they were more common on the1dmkii than the 20d.. i have never had any of these issues with my 2gb lexar 80x..

however, i did receive a bad card from transcend.. i bought a 1gb 80x transcend card for a backup to my lexar.. took it out on a shoot, lost a 100+ shots because it was corrupted.. sent it back, no more transcend for me..

sandisk is probably the best when you take in reliability and speed.. the ultra ii is more rugged and works in lower/higher temps.. the extreme iii is faster (i think its 133x) but in reality either card will keep up with your camera..

the kingstons have a good reputation too and are only a smidgen slower than the sandisks and lexars (nothing you would notice as it will keep up w/ your cam too)..

best of luck
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Old Jan 13, 2006, 6:45 PM   #8
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I have 2 SanDisk ultra II 1 gig cards and a Lexar 80x 1 gig card. I have not had any issues with any of these cards and to top it I bought all three cards off e-bay all for less than $50 each and all were brand new still sealed. I will probably pick up another 1 gig card sometime in the near future, and I would not hesitate to buy either of these type cards.
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Old Jan 14, 2006, 1:56 PM   #9
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I bought the cheapest 2gb Kingston card for my 20D and never looked back.

I think I paid $104 for it a couple of months ago on www.newegg.com

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Old Jan 20, 2006, 1:38 PM   #10
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I've got a Lexar 2GB 80x "Professional" CF card - have taken around 8000 photos using it without any probs, and is very fast. I'd really recommend it.
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