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Hi friends,

Somewhere on this website in a discussion between whether to buy a DSLR or a camera like the Canon S2IS, I read that you can get "cheat sheets" for the DSLR settings that would mimic the scene settings on the point and shoot cameras.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for "cheat sheets" for various scenes?


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A couple points. First, 2 different cameras could have a 'landscape' setting, but the ISO, aperture,shutter speedeach uses could be different. So specific settings probably can't be given. More realistic, there are general guidelines for how to set ISO, aperture, shutter speed and flash for a given shooting scenario.

Second - most entry DSLRs have those same basic shooting modes - landscape, portrait, sports, etc so you can still use them while you learn how proper exposure works.

Third, you will eventually find that these auto modes don't fully utilize the capabilities of the camera and often a knowledge-based decision by the photographer will produce better results. To that end, it's much more beneficial to do some study on exposure and how it works - as well as depth-of-field and how it works. If you have a Canon DSLR, they have tutorials on there websight that are actually fairly good. There are also a plethera of books out there - Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson comes to mind. Taking some time to do some reading and do lots of experimenting (hey digital film is cheap ) will allow you to do a better job than simply mimicing the generic settings of those modes. Then, when faced with a situation you can properly choose the ISO/aperture/shutter speed and flash setting that will give you a proper exposure and the depth-of-field you want on that specific shot.
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