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Hi all, My wife and I are the proud ~3 week owners of a 350D. I've recently come across a couple of articles on IR photography and am interested in exploring it a little. I've only got the 18-55 kit lens -- although I've got the Sigma 70-300 APO Macro DG II on order (should be here in a little over a week -- hooray!). The research I've done suggests that the coating on the kit lens results in lens flare when used with the Hoya R72 filter; I came across one web reference which vaguely said that the Hoya filter should work OK with the Sigma and the 350D.I therefore have two questions:1. Does anyone have any (positive or negative) experience with IR photography, 350D, and the Sigma lens?2. Rather than the Hoya R72, are there any other lenses more experienced folks would suggest for IR photography (and why)?Thanks,Paul (PS I've no idea why the carriage returns are not rendering properly in this post, sorry!)
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IR photography with most DSLRs is practically impossible.

Here's a good starting point, with links to specialists who know about such matters...

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Peripatetic is pretty much correct. Most DSLR have an infrared blocking filter built into the camera that blocks the infrared light. There are a few companies that will modify your camera and take out that filter, but then your camera is only good for infrared and the warrenty is voided, not a good idea if it is your only camera. It's not really impossible to take infrared with your 350D, but you are talking about very long exposures, tripod mounted and pretty bright sunny days. There are some older ditital cameras that you can get some pretty good infrared pictures from, back in the days when camera makers were not so worried about infrared contamination. Most are in the 2 megapixel range, and of course out of production so you pretty much have to buy used. Nikon Coolpix 950, Canon Powershot Pro 70, and Pro 90, Sony has a couple that are pretty good with a little more megapixel, the DSC-F707 and DSC-717, Olympus C-2000Z and probably the best for infrared is the Olympus C-2020Z.Sutterbug Feb06 has an artical on digital infrared too. here is another site with lots of info. http://dpfwiw.com/ir.htm#handle

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Take a look at my flickr page. I tried IR with my 300D and G2. Unfortunately the main issue quickly becomes the lens. I have the IR hotspot issue. Exposures will run long, so a tripod will be necessary. Google IR digital photography. There's a page that actually lists the canon lenses that will work with IR. But there's also the issue of focus. It is difficult for the 300D and practically impossible for the G2 to focus properly, even in manual.

I ended up going out and buying a used Coolpix 950. <$100. Full autofocus, can hold it in my hand. Sure it's only 2.1mpix, but it's a much better option, IMHO. I love the false color images it produces.

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