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It's definitely a lens issue - error 99 is what happens when the camera can't communicate with the lens .

Have you checked your contacts are clean?

Most people seem to get them occasionally. Usually you have to pop the battery to clear it. I would say it happens to me on average once every 5000 shots. :blah:

That is to say it's happened to me twice in about 18 months.

If you're getting it frequently there's something wrong.
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Err 99 - is a general fault that doesn't fall into any category (Err 01 is a lens communication error)

You can get Err 99 with a bad CF card as well as a poor battery (i.e. not discharged but weak in current). Come to think of it I even got Err 99 when I first insert the 8G Photodrive in my camera until I installed the firmware update which recognise the new drive

-> Lens issues is only one factor in getting Err 99
(my bet is what the status of the battery when this event occur...)
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I don't think it would be my card (2g) as error 99 comes up with my sigma lens and not my canon lens. If it was the card it would error on both lenses. I do think in my case it is a lens issue, especially since I'm still using my old canon elan film lenses. Another question, when cleaning the contacts do you just wipe it clean with a cloth or something else, like sandpaper:-)just kidding on that.

Thanks again for your help, I'm so glad I happen to run into this site, and you regulars are just awesome. NHL has a 8g photodrive, DAM!


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I bought a Sigma 70-300 DL macro super from ebay. This was an older lens that gave my 300D error 99. I sent it to Sigma and they rechipped it for free! I sent $10 for the returnshipping. Lens works perfectly now. Call Sigma customer service and ask how you can get it rechipped and they will give you the details. It was back in a week and 1/2.
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Don't blame it on 3rd party lenses. I'm getting Err 99 on my Canon EFS 18-55 lens that came with the camera. My Quantaray 70-300 however, is working fine. Go figure.
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