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I intend to buy the canon 50mm 1.8D instead of the Kit lens, my qyestion is if I get backwards from the subject (by foot) will the focal length will be as the shot was taken by 18mm focal length ?
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I guess if you walk back far enough, you'll get wide enough angle to cover what a 18mm would. But you won't get the exact angle/perspective. Also, it is always easier to walk closer to your subject than to move backwards.

Check these out:

But you SHOULD get the 50mm 1.8, it's just too cheap and useful not to.

Hope these helps...

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No, the focal length will still be 50mm but you will be one foot further away from your subject.
Focal length is the distance from the lens to the sensor or film (it's actually a bit more complex than that with modern lens design). It has nothing to do with the distance to the object the lens is focusing on.
What do you need the lens for? You seem a little confused.
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Basically the answer to your question is NO.

Buy the camera with the kit lens. Reports of it not being good enough are greatly exaggerated.

From your questions on the forums it's fairly clear that you are very new to SLR photography, and for that reason you should get the kit lens with the camera and learn to use your camera for a few months. Then YOU will be in a position to decide what your next lens should be.

Getting the 50mm f1.8 instead of the kit lens with the 20D or XT as your ONLY lens, and as a beginner, would be a huge mistake IMO.

When I got my 20D I had 15 years of "casual amateur" experience with a film SLR, I got the kit lens and used it for 4-6 months before I got my next lens. At that point I had re-learned a lot about SLR photography and taken thousands of photos, and I had a pretty good idea of where to go next. The kit lens is good enough that for many months to come the limiting factor in your photographs will be behind the camera not in front of it.
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