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Apple versus PC's. Coke versus Pepsi. East Coast versus West Coast. All issues that get some people into PASSIONATE debates. But, Canon versus Nikon? I have no feel, no justification as to why I'm leaning towards Canon.

New to DSLR and committing to it as a long term hobby. Had mentally committed to 20d then learned of need/desire for all the lenses, battery packs, etc. Thoughts turn to starting with more affordable Rebel XT and acquiring more accessories to start. Grow into hobby and upgrade camera later. Debate is always, invest twice or just get nicer camera now and grow into it.

My main point... Then, spoke with Nikon owners who advocate some particular Nikon benefits, more universal lenses, etc. Seems to me Nikon is less into the marketing and image (Canon's Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova, sexy, sporty, active lifestyle, etc). Is Nikon putting more resources into what really counts?

I seem to keep being drawn to Canon but can't say why? Can anyone help me understand why most in this forum (I assume) advocate Canon? Any former Nikon users explain why they have moved to Canon? Any unhappy with move? What I'm really trying to understand is more than just a Nike vs Adidas feel or Coke versus Pepsi taste. What else is considered? Canon seems to me to be a better marketer, but does that make it a better camera.

Finally, not looking for the ole, what are you going to use it for answer. Looking more for the Apple versus PC debate for Nikon and Canon. Guts. Benefits. Thanks for any feedback.
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depends what you shoot and if you have any previous glass. For superteles, canon is the king with there white lenses with IS. Seen any games and you will see white lenses. Same with most nature photographers. And these super teles are chaper than equivalent Nikon ones.

Camera wise, it doesn't matter much, canon comes with something, then nikon comes with soemthing better and then canon comes through. Just a reminder, the replacement for 20D is supposed to be out in a week so I will hold off buying 20D to see what the new camera has to offer. Also that might cause a price drop.

From what I have seen, the canons appear to have less noise at higher ISOs comparing to Nikons but bothproduce very good and capabale cameras and you would be happy with either one of them.
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