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Default 1Ds vs 1D

I'm buying a 1Ds as of now, just wondering if a 1D would work as well for much less. I am involved in some commerical phot work, aminly shooting for developers and they clients. I also do the regular weddings and events. My main focus is in nature and landcapes( of course, not profitable), but enjoy it never the less.
I lnow all the in's and out's of both cameras, my main concern is the pixel ratings, will I notice a difference on 16x20's or not... There's about 3500.00 differnece in the two camera bodies, the extra money could be spent of L serires lens...unsure, Jim
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I can't help you with your questions but if you ask in the Canon Digital SLR forum you may get better results.
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well your going over 2x on the active pixels. that will increase your capability to sharply go where no canon has gone before.

what you lose is frame rate at 3fps which may or may not matter.

you will have the full frame 35mm aspect and file sizes. no mag factor at all.

NiMh batteries- get at least 2 spare batteries. the bigger the sensor the bigger the appitite. they say 450-600 shots per charge depending on features used. they're about $130us a piece. nice profit margin on the batteries.

it's an intriguing camera. i don't no if it is intriging enough for me yet to give up on my nikon lenses just yet. but the camera seems to offer a level of versatility that no other one has at this time. for me it would be an almost $10K investment and that would be rather painfull. :shock:
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You will notice a big difference if the subject matter has lots of fine detail. For head and shoulders portraits, there would be little difference at that enlargement size, but if you were to shoot a group portrait, or landscapes with lots of fine detail, the additional resolution will make a large difference.

Typically, for work where there is only one or two subjects (fashion photography of models, etc.) the 1D is more than sufficient. Some very famous fashion photographers are using the 1D and shooting for prestigious publications like Vogue, etc.

But ultimately there is no substitute for capture resolution when shooting subjects with lots of fine detail. Think of it this way. When you look at an oil painting on the wall and see leaves or pine needles on trees, it looks perfectly normal. But if you take a magnifying glass and examine those leaves, the illusion disappears and you see the dreaded "brush strokes."

Interpolation algorithms act like the magnifying glass and quickly reveal any inadequacies in capture resolution when enlarging. What our brains are perfectly willing to accept at 8x10 becomes intolerable at 16x20 unless there were sufficient sampling sites on the capture to properly define boundaries of fine detail.

As long as the geography under the frame is small enough to permit adequate coverage by the 1D's four megapixel capture resolution, nearly any enlargement size will be satisfactory. But when you spread those sampling sites too thinly, the interpolation will quickly reveal the deficiencies and produce disappointing results.

So if you plan on shooting detailed landscapes or groups of more than a couple people, the 1Ds would be the better choice.

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Thanks for all the information, I guess I spent the extra for the 1Ds, it will hurt. but I'll surely be happier with it afterwards. Thanks again for all the advise, Jim
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