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Hey all, I'm currently thinking of buyinga used xt, but I'm not 100% sure what exactly I should look at/for. I've got a cf card that I can take and test it with. Is there anything in specific i should test (other than taking a pic with it)? This will be my first SLR btw.

Also, is there a good site/forum to find classifieds? I want to find price comparisons other than on eBay. I'm not 100% sure of the specs as I heard about this through a friend who isn't into digital camera's, but I have a feeling this maybe the 6mp one, and the guy is asking $600 (cnd $), does that sound like a deal?

Thanks in advance!

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Keh.com and fredmiranda.com are two sites that have people selling gear. You can look there to see what used XTs are going for.

but I have a feeling this maybe the 6mp one,
First you need to verify that it is an 'XT'. There is no 6mp XT. There is a 6mp digital rebel (non XT). The XT also goes by the name 350d while the original rebel is the 300d. You also need to find out what is included in the $600 price - what lense(s) if any. A new XT with kit lens is going for around $800 right now.

I have never bought a used digital camera - I don't like to buy used electronics gear over $100. But, I would think the biggest consideration is: is the sensor damaged? You want to do some test pics and put them on a PC and make sure you don't have any image problems - dust spots showing up, etc. I would also run the camera through all it's functions making sure it works properly in all shooting modes. A visual inspection of the body and lenses should also be done to see if there was any visible damage indicative of an accident. Another thought is to determine how many pictures have been taken with the camera - someone else will have to chime in on the best way to do that. I think the shutter life for an XT is supposed to be estimated at 50,000 clicks. If they've already taken 80,000 pictures with the camera you may have a very short shutter life left.
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Lefty06, John has given you some very good advice. I would be very wary about buying a 2nd hand camera (even if you saved $100 or $200!) It is probably better to buy new and have a warrantee that will help you if something does go defect on the camera.

I personally would only buy some 2nd hand electronic good over $100 if I knew the owner (e.g. if it was a friend or relative whom I knew was trustworthy and generally looks after their equipment well). I'm not saying everyone who sells 2nd hand is a "crook" out to sell you rubbish or rob your money with defective goods. But I wouldn't want you to find out the hard way if you get that x% chance that the camera you're thinking of buying has a problem somewhere...

I think it can be very hard to find out how many photos have been taken because they can "reset" the image number / counter in the camera menu settings... (at least that's what I know!) By the way, I have a Canon XT (bought it new... figures!)

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I never buy second hand electronics. But that said, it does not mean that there are no good second hand electronics. The advice John and Paul have given you are very good. Look keenly before you fork out your dough.

Regards. Jaki.
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