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Default Spoiled D30 images

A month ago I purchased a used D30 and a new 28-135 US Canon lens from my local camera store. Apparently the camera was owned by a professional portrait photographer who had traded up to a D60. The store assured me that the camera had been well cared for and was fully functional.

About a week after getting the camera home and taking numerous get-aquainted shots, I noticed that in every 10 to 20 shots, there would be 4 or 5 consecutively spoiled images. By spoiled, I mean that the pictures had a strange color cast- sometimes red, sometimes green. In a rather crude way, they resembled some of the special effects obtained with PhotoShop filters. Some pictures had a thick band of color distorsion, with the rest of the image appearing relatively normal.

I tried various brands of flash cards but to no avail. I replaced the battery and upgraded the firmware. I can find no camera setting, nor shooting situation which either provokes or remidies the problem. I suspect the CMOS imager. After seeing the spoiled pictures, the camera store wants to send the camera to Canon for repair (at my expense).

Are imagers subject to failure? Does the D30, or its firmware, have an unpublished design flaw? Should I have the imager replaced, or begin with another model or brand of digital SLR. My previous dogital cameras, a Nikon 990 and Olympus E10 continue to work perfectly. For future reference, is it a mistake to buy used equipment, even from a reputable dealer?

For anyone kind enough to help, thank you in advance.

Chuck Farrow
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Yes, I'd say that something is wrong with the camera.

Normally, I don't buy something used that costs that much. But I can afford to do that. If I get a "good deal" from a friend and know that he isn't going to sell me something which was misrepresented... that is another matter.

If you only had the camera for 1 week, I would think that would would be fully within your rights to return it for your money back. If you threaten to do this, you might start getting better service. I'd hate to have to go that far, though.

The CMOS are possibly the most sensitive (and expensive) part in the camera. I'd this it could fail. Since you are not the origional owner, I don't belive you will get warentee service from Canon. That will raise the price substantionally. I would not be surprised if the repair costs plus what you paid used would get you another D60 in better shape. Unless you really need the camera, I'd return it.
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I own a D60 and was having a problem very similar to yours. I posted in January to see if anyone else was having a similar problem with the D60. No one seemed to be. (Refer “Occasional Image Problem on D60”) I have since noticed that I encounter the problem only when using a portable storage device. When I’m away from my PC for a while I download photos onto a portable hard-drive gizmo (similar to Nixvue, etc) called DataStore. The problem seems to crop up after I download photos from it onto my PC. So far, I have not noticed the problem when downloading directly from CF to PC. This leads me to believe there is a problem is in my DataStore device rather than the camera itself.

What method are you using to get files onto your PC: direct or indirect? Can you view the corrupted files ok on the camera LCD?
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