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My friend just bought his Canon 20D and he is asking what paramaters should he use to bring out his colors when taking pictures... and what E.V. should he start at... (for Canon 20D users)

friend told me that its good to start at + .03 EV


can someone help me out for him... lol thanks!
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A lot depends on if he is shooting in RAW or jpeg. I shoot in RAW mode all the time, and I also have my camera set for Adobe RGB color space. As far as contrast, saturation, sharpness, and color tone, I have these all set at zero. The logic behind that is the when converting in the editting program it is easier and more effective to increase these parameters than it is to reduce them. I use Photoshop Elements 3.0 to convert my RAW files, and have it set to full color management so it can support Adobe RGB color space. Once open inCamera Raw I uncheck the all the check boxes by Exposure,shadows, brightness and contrast sliders, to get mytrue image information. Then you can manually adjust the sliders if needed, but most of the time other than maybe someslight adjustments of exposure, and color temp, I don't do too much adjustinghere. Then I set the output to 16 bit and clickOK. When the image opens in Elements I go to Enhance/Adjust Lighting/Levels andhold my mouse button over the left arrow and the alt. key and removeany part of thegamut of the histogram not filled with image info, then do thesame thing with the right arrow. Then you can go toquick fix and adjust thethreesliders in the lighting box for shadows, highlights and mid tones. The auto sharpen at the bottom works pretty good too. Then you can go back to standard edit and go to image/mode/convert and change the image back to 8 bit/channel and make any spot heelingor other editting you might need.

Now if you are shooting jpegand you want vivid colors setthe camera to paramiter 1, parameter 2 is alittle softer. I know this sounds easier, and it is, but you have less flexability post processing.


everything I just described is in detailin the April 2006 Shutterbug.This is pretty much the way I've alway done it exceptfor when theywent to quick fix. I tried the quick fix and it works very well.
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