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I am wondering what people would recommend as the best overall flash for everyday use for this camera, the Canon EOS 1 Ds Mark II? I am looking for something that will fit right on top of the camera and be very fast. Bascially I'd love to know what flash(es) are people's favorite models, especially for this particular camera.
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Well, I think most people will recommend the 580EX, since you already spent so much for a high end body.

I have the 580EX, but with the entry level XT. Despite it being as large as the XT body, I really like it for its speed (when you equip it with good batteries) and overall performance. I would definitely recommend it.

Some other options are the 430EX and sigma 500DG super - which are not as good as the 580EX. imo, might as well stick with the high end flash to go with your high end camera.
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Depending on what you'll use it for the 580EX is a very good flash.

It can wirelessly control other flashes, which can be very important for Studio work (which the 1Ds MkII is very good for.)
The Sigma 500DG Super is a good flash for the price, and many here like it. I haven't used it, so I really can't say.

You might consider getting an off-camera flash bracket, but again that depends on what you're going to photograph.

A flash being "very fast" is much more a question of battery power than the flash its self. All the good flashes (all those listed here) support having a separate battery plugged in that will recycle the flash faster than you can take images (i.e. you risk melting the flash from the heat produced by the flash firing) but they add extra weight and cables to the setup. For some its worth it, for others it is not. They also let you take lots of flashes on a single charge. In some cases, upwards of 1,000 images.

A good set of powerful NiMh rechargeables are good too, but they won't recycle the flash fully if you're doing a lot of full-power bursts (the flash will not fire on all images if you do a lot of full power flashes in a row. An external battery pack can handle that.)

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I have the Sigma 500 super and I am very happy with it. It has the same features as the 550EX, but I believe the 580EX may have a few more whistles and bells. But IMO you didn'tskimp when it came to your camera body, so why start now. I don't think you're going to put a 18-55mm kit lens on the front of that body, so Iwouldn't put anything but the best flash on top of it, gofor the 580EX.
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I have the 20d and will put nothing but the 580EX flash on top. Go with the best.
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All good advices, but here's my 2c especially when it comes to wireless flashes:

One needs more than 1 head for wireless flash - Problem is one can get two Sigma EF-500DG Super for about the same cost as one 580EX - Of course the more one buy for ratio control the more it'll cost...

What does one give up for this cost difference? A GN of 58 vs 50
-> Meaning if one shoots at f/5.6 that's about a foot difference in lighting, just get closer :idea:
(but then with multiple heads one really does not have to...)
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