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Default 10D compairson review?

Has anyone seen a review which compares, feature for feature, the Nikon D100 and the Canon 10D?

I have no money invested in lenses, so the reason for me to choose between the two is more forward than backward thinking. I like that Canon has more IS lenses, especially in the longer glass (I'm going to mostly shoot natures/birds.) To me, both make lense which vastly outstrip my skill as a photographer.

I've used the D100 for a day and like its feel. I'm going to check out the feel of a 10D soon. But I have yet to find what I think is a fairly obvious style of review. Directly comparing these two cameras to see how they compare. It's a little unfair, because the 10D came out much later so I expect Canon designed it to stand up well against the D100. But I'd like to read what a more knowledgeable person has to say.

Thinks like (comletely made up) "the spot metering in the 10D doesn't work as well as the D100 because it is much larger. They both take similarly accurate readings in low light". That type of detail. Am I asking too much? Is this something that I should only expect from a Print Magazine (i.e. too expensive to do for a web page.)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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The other thing to consider is the Canon has a pretty good wireless flash system similar to the Minolta, but no one has tested this feature with their digital SLRs (and their brochures are no help either). The Nikon can be done wirelessly as well but through a more limited SU-4 adapter...

With the D100, the S2 is also a pretty good contender (AA's NiMh and Firewire), but price wise the 10D is hard to beat! Also it seems like there's more choice of IS and USM in the Canon line. :? Of course this could change anyday... I'm like you my Canon's are FD mount so I can go either way as well.
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Nikon is already on the third gereration of consumer digicam SLR when Nikon now is on the first, put on the USM which now on the 4th generation, Nikon just bites the dust (first and expensive AF-S lenses), Nikon just introduces some VR lenses, compare with the longtime reliable Canon IS lenses (and the application of optical IS in the video area exists a long long time), well you got the picture. The good news is Nikon will have the answer for the 10D later this summer.
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