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Default EOS 10D Availability

What is the average availabilty timeframe (actual) that it takes to get a Canon 10D camera? I ordered one on March 14th and my availabilty date has been pushed back several times from 4/20 to 5/3. Each day the estimated due date seems to slide. I noticed that several sites with available cameras were selling them for 1699.00 instead of the 1499.00 street price. I found a few sites with available cameras at the 1499.00 price, but I'm wary. Any info on actual experience is appreciated.


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It all depends on the quality of the vendor. Where did you order from? There are some seriously sleezy vendors out there.

There are very good vendors which have it at $1,499. Adorama.com and B&H come to mind. I just double checked them and that is still their price but they are both out of stock. Where did you find it for $1,499? There are a lot of people here, you could post a question about that store in the general forum.

I just visited a Ritz camera yesterday and they had two, and their price was also $1,499. Interesting to note that the sales man said that Canon was mandating that price. He suggested that I wouldn't find it lower (of course, I have. Dell has a sale on it a few weeks ago for about... $1,350 or so. maybe $1,399. but that was a sale.)
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Onecall.com will have some in on Monday
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Default onecall.com

I also used onecall.com and they were excellent... I called them to check if they had in stock at last Wednesday, then sales person Brian told me that they will receive Thursday and can ship overnight... It was hard to believe... however I got my 10D on Friday afternoon...

will shop there again....
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Picked up mine at Circuit City, of all places, for $1499. They had two in stock. The sales guy referred to it as the 'big guy'. It indeed looks huge next to the compact digital cameras.

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Default Success at last! Or how to get the 10D

I too spent two weeks waiting for an on-line dealer to come through. like another writer, I expected Ritz to have the best supply. They kept pushing the expected delivery further out and i needed the camera ASAP. I don't fault them for it... they are at the mercy of Canon and at least they are not like some of the dealers (See e-pinions.com) who promise delivery when they have no stock.

Finally, i just got up this morning and pulled out the yellow pages. The second local Camera shop I called had just received one and was happy to sell it to me! I was pretty happy too. I'm also very happy to support a local Camera shop. Two major Photo shops in town closed down last year so now I'm all up for supporting what's left. I'm kicking myself for not calling them sooner.

My advice. call your local camera store. Call them again in a few days. They both said that delivery's are unpredicatable.
Good luck!
btw the dealer in Milwaukee WI was Crivello Cameras... And Ritz was very nice about cancelling my order.
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