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Ever since the 20D was announced I've been saving up for it. I've got a Canon G2 (very happy with it) and a purse-cam, the Canon A520. When I finally got the amount needed the 30D was announced, and I decided to wait it out. I figured with the 'ships in march' statement I wouldn't be getting it until somewhere in April. Then, last saturday I 'accidentally' found out it was in stock and I ran to get it. So this sort of came upon me and now I'm stuck with a great camera and... no lens. I didn't get the kit because of all the negativity about the 18-55 lens (people wanting to replace it after weeks, using it as a paper weight, etc) so I kept that 100 euro in my pocket.

Anyway, to the point. After much research I've decided on choosing between these two lenses:

Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM
Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

My considerations:
I think I'm gonna like using IS. With my G2 I've attempted many shots in low light (non moving) without flash because I just like it better. I kind of hate flash (though that could in part be due to the poor quality flash on compacts). Also in the Netherlands sunshine isn't abundant so you quite often find yourself in a situation where IS may be very useful. So that's a big plus for the 28.135. I also like the longer range.

The con's: Price (180 euro difference), weight and size. I don't really have an idea of what the latter two will mean in real use, but I can imagine a bit.

From what I've read these two lenses don't differ much in quality. However one thing that does concern me is that someone who's owned both remembers that the 28-135 was slower at the same focal lengths than the 28-105 (i.e. the 135 was at 5.6 already on 70mm while the 105 was at 4). Now I'm certainly no expert on all these things but if this is true it would seem that the IS might compensate for itself, if you get what I mean, in which case the IS difference would decrease significantly.

So I'd love to hear what you think.
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I canspeak personally for the 28 - 135, I really like it and it is my one of my favorite walk around lenses for both my 20D and 5D. I usually carry a 35mm prime and the 28-135 whenever I use the 5D for personal shooting. I use either the Sigma 18-200 or the 28-135 (more often) when using the 20D. I use the 28-135 most often during my professional event shooting. The IS does help. You can get a more informed opinion at this site:


They test a lot of Canon lenses usinga Canon350D. Either choice is reasonable.
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Hi Kvdnberg,

Areply from me. I agree with wsandman1 that the 28-135mm is a good lens. It is also my walk around lens, I use it for 90% of my photos from my Rebel XT / 350D. The IS is handy, especially in lower-light of stationery objects. Though of course a lens with a larger aperture (lower f-value) would be better. But that brings more weight, size of most often cost.

About the 28-135 being slower at same focal lengths as the 28-105 this is not entirely accurate according to me. I would suggest the person who said that might be in error about exact details. I think they are very similar except yes of course the 28-135mm reaches f5.6 at the long end whereas the 28-105 reaches a better f4.5 value.. Anyway my Canon 28-135mm is only at f5 at 70mm (and at about 65mm it is still f4.5). The suggested website wsandman1 gave you is a good base from where to start. Also you can try http://www.slrgear.com for helpful tests and reviews, as well as http://www.fredmiranda.com for user reviews.

There is a direct comparison between the 2 lenses at question at http://www.tawbaware.com/canon_lens_test.htmbut I must admit I don't always find that website too scientific / objective (I'd say probably some of his tests are flawed, at least they contradict many other website tests!) Though I must admit with some consumer (non L) series Canon lenses (and other brands too!) there seems to be a fair bit of quality variation between the same lens (i.e. copy to copy). I hope you get a good sharp one, like mine is!

I often do use and appreciate the extra 30mm of reach (105vs 135) of the 28-135, though it depends on one's shooting style, and I would often rather have a few extra mm reach at the WIDE end (e.g. a Canon 24-135mm lens would be great!) But I use the 18-55mm kit lens for wide angle. Do you plan to purchase that kit lens, it might be worth it for you (little extra cost to get wide end!)? The Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens, is one I would really like but can't justify the cost. Anyway I'd probably rather have a f2.8 lens as my next walkaround.

Hope this is helpful, I don't think you'll be disappointed with a 28-135mm lens on a 30D, you'd get good results with practise!


PS You probably should have posted this topic in the Canon LENS section, this is the CAMERA section!! :!:

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Woops, I missed that. I guess I should have put it with lenses...
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I've been mulling over the same two lenses actually, I read a comparison of them here:


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